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Local Connection to a Worthy Cause

Local Connection to a Worthy Cause

GCY's Macy Bolyard, of the National Prep group that practices at GAC, and who also swims for Henson Forest with her brother Vance during the summer, has a famous uncle in the swimming community, nationally known Head Swim Coach Mike Koleber of the Nitro Swim Club in Austin, Texas.  Needless to say their state has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey, a post from SWIMSWAM was just released highlighting that club's efforts to help their local community.  If you were looking for a pathway to give and just haven't gotten the opportunity yet, this would be a great way to support those in need!

Here's the post that appeared in SWIMSWAM today:

Mike and Tracy Koleber, the co-owners of Austin’s Nitro Swimming, are taking a big step forward in supporting ongoing relief and recovery efforts in Southeast Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  

The storm, which dumped literal record-setting rainfalls across the gulf coast, has caused an estimated $180 billion in damage across the region – making it the most expensive storm in U.S. history, surpassing Hurricane Katrina (which is estimated to have cost $160 billion).  

Such a massive recovery effort will require help and support from around the world to return the area to normalcy, especially in areas east of Houston that were among the hardest hit and most financially vulnerable.  

The Kolebers sent out an email to families this week offering their assistance in several ways.

First of all, they have opened the doors to their club to any displaced families who need training,  matching the offer of Texas Ford Aquatics near Dallas.  Further, Nitro has partnered with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to help raise funds for relief. The two coaches, who own their club, will match any donations made to the ADRN up to $15,000. Nitro has committed to matching donations sent to them from anyone, anywhere.

To give to the Austin Disaster Relief Network, Click Here. Then email your receipt to

See the full letter below:

Nitro Matching Hurricane Relief Donations

I hope this Labor Day Weekend finds you well. This is a special note from me and Tracy. We appreciate all of you, and we’re looking forward to another great season.

Hello Nitro Families,

You’ve all seen what occurred and the disastrous aftermath from the recent hurricane. The Gulf Coast took a pounding, and tens of thousands of people have been impacted with loss of homes, pets, many who have lost everything they own, some even loss of life.

We have a few swimmers currently training with us who had been displaced due to the storm, and they have recently jumped in with our groups to continue their swimming. We’re proud to open up Nitro to them and extend them a warm welcome during this obviously tough time.

The reason for this note is to provide an easy way for you to help should you feel inclined and called to do so. Nitro Swimming is partnering up with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to help raise funds for their relief work in the Texas Gulf Coast areas hit by Harvey.

Here’s where the Nitro part comes in:

By clicking the provided link, anytime between now and September 15th, it will take you directly to the Austin Disaster Relief Network, specifically used for their efforts in helping the victims of the hurricane.

Once you make your donation, and you’ve received your receipt from ADRN, just email the receipt to and NitroSwimming will match the donations up to a total of $15,000.

Click on this link to Support Texas Gulf Coast Disaster Relief  Then email your receipt to

Tracy and I are proud to be a part of Nitro Swimming, and hope you are too.
Please share using #NitroCares.
See you at the pool. Coach Mike.