2017 Wrap Up Meeting - October 19

Good morning all -

This is a reminder that the league wrap up meeting will be held October 19, 2017 from 6:30-9pm at the Brambleton Community Center on Regal Woods Drive in Brambleton. 

Every team in the league should send at least one representative. Teams that are in good standing will have one vote at the meeting.

This is the meeting where we review the past season and elect new officers. There are three positions open on the board. You must send your "resume summary" or background prior to the meeting to (cutoff 5:00pm on the 17th). You must be a current member or representative of an active member team of the league to run for the board. It looks like we will have a lot of new people running this year and we want to give everyone the chance to read through the options prior to the meeting.

We have attached the results of the survey from this year regarding league performance and thoughts on how to do things better. We really appreciate the time and effort many people took to give us a jumping off point for discussions for the league going forward. It is clear that time was taken and thoughtful answers were given. As is always the case with "blind" feedback forms, some people just don't know how to communicate in a constructive, civil manner. We thought everyone should have a look at these since obviously we have some work to do.


The ODSL Board

Survey Results