THT signs with Dolfin

Hello THT Parents and families,

We are excited to announce our new team sponsorship agreement with Dolfin, this letter is to notify you and communicate with you what this means for you and share more about Dolfin.

Dolfin history:

The company was founded in 1941 as Reading Airchutes Inc., a manufacturer of cargo parachutes for the U.S. Air Force. It became a leading supplier of cargo and bomb parachutes during World War II, with over 500 employees, most of whom were women with relatives serving in the military.  In 1958, the company expanded into the competitive swimwear market and began manufacturing nylon swimsuits for racing under the brand name Dolfin - named for its association with the aquatic mammal.

Individual Benefits with Dolfin:

Merchandise support shall be provided on a per team basis as follows:

Team Discount. Dolfin will support THT by offering a once per year discount of 25% off MSRP on the purchase of team suits, goggles, and training equipment. This will be on September 21, 2017.

Warm-ups & Backpacks: Dolfin will support THT with 25% off warm-ups and backpacks through the team dealer ( for the duration of our contract with Dolfin.

Additional Merchandise Support:

Championship Merchandise Support: DOLFIN will provide the following based on designated meet attendance and competition. Packages will only be provided once per USA Swimming season to athletes competing at the event (SC, LC)

  • Team Discount: DOLFIN will support THT with a 20% discount on the purchase of technical suits through approved team dealer. (Tentatively in January and June/early July an email will go out beforehand)
  • USA Swimming Sectionals - Qualified swimmers will receive 25% off Technical suit of choice; and Team Backpack*.
  • USA Swimming Jr. Nationals / NCSA & NASA Jr. Nationals/Futures - Qualified swimmers will receive 40% off Technical suit of choice and a Team Backpack*, Dolfin Water Bottle; and Dolfin T-Shirt.
  • USA Swimming Sr. Nationals/U.S. Olympic Trials - Qualified swimmers will receive free technical suit of choice; Team Backpack;*, Team Warm Up; Dolfin T-Shirt; and Dolfin Water Bottle.
  • *In lieu of backpack, athlete may opt for a practice suit


Major Teams: Dolfin has made an impact and has several college programs that have partnered with Dolfin. Indiana State, Purdue, Pitt, Evansville are regional teams that have signed with Dolfin. Dolfin also partnered with Stanford Women’s Team which just took the 2017 NCAA national championship and includes Olympians Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel.

Along with this information and we wanted to do a little Q/A:

Now that we are apart of Dolfin, can I only wear/purchase Dolfin product?

No. We know swimming can be expensive and if you have previous team suits/equipment/bags you can still use them or buy them new. Our new team suit/warmups/equipment The Swimming Life will be selling and offering in our discount is Dolfin. Dolfin does not offer a big swim bag, so you can easily go with whatever you have/find. We loved the fact that the Dolfin Uglies are an affordable practice suit and are mostly 100 percent polyester so they will last a long time.


Do I have to purchase only Dolfin tech suits? I heard/didn’t think they were good?

No. If you have a brand of a tech suit you like you can still where that brand (Our team also does not recommend purchasing a tech suit until the age of 13). But our tech suit discount is only for Dolfin, you will have to pay a non discounted price for other brands. If you want the benefits of the Dolfin contract you will need to be wearing Dolfin to receive those benefits.

Before signing with Dolfin, we had them ship us tech suits to try out. Some liked them, some did not. That is ok. Dolfin is going to come out and show us their new tech suit and this is what their Rep said about the new Dolfin suit, “I will showcase our newest technical suit – something not public yet.  It is this suit that we have spent the last year developing with PhD Bio mechanist Genadijus Sokolovas, 3D Scanning companies, Italian fabrics and factories, and with the Stanford Swim teams….we’ve put together an impressive development team for the creation of our newest technical suit.”

Conclusion: This was a several month project and we looked at Speedo, TYR, MP, Finis, Arena and Dolfin. We were amazed at what Dolfin showed they were able to do for our team. We loved the different suit choices and prices they offered that could make purchasing swim products better for everyone. If you have any questions feel free to email me or talk to me/the coaches at the pool about it.

Have a great day,


Joel Lauritzen

THT Board President