Turnmaster Fundraiser

$600+ Raised as of 10/1/17


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What are we fundraising for:

We believe in fundraising with a purpose and end-goal in mind.  We are focusing our efforts this season in fundraising for a “Turnmaster Pro”.  The Turnmaster is a  $1500 piece of equipment that will help us coach more effectively. Basically, the Turnmaster allows us to add a “wall” anywhere in a lane (The kids can push off from it and everything).

When we teach younger swimmers and athletes with special abilities athletes they have a shorter distance to swim correctly.  This results in more frequent feedback, which allows us to be more effective teaching which means your children will learn better! .(Myelin Sheath in action!) It will also help us work with our upper level and elite athletes with their underwater travel and speed into and out of turns.  It is a versatile product that will last for years to come!

We are really excited to fundraise for this project.

Here's a quick video showing off the equipment:


Our Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/PiranhaAquatics

We also have a facebook fundraiser started where people can donate directly towards the turnmaster without attending any fundraising events.  It is also listed on our website.

Facebook Fundraiser: https://www.facebook.com/donate/131723407458212/