Open Letter from 20 year BOD member David Coddington

Open Letter to Pacific Northwest Swimming

September 18, 2017


Dear PNS Members,

It has been my distinct and enviable pleasure to serve the PNS Board of Directors for 20-years.  My tenure began as an elected Treasurer, included stints as General Chair, Finance Vice Chair, and Ex-Officio as one of two Representatives on the USA Swimming Board of Directors as a liaison. 

My representation ended last Friday, as I was term-limited out of my position as the Western Zone Director on the USA Swimming Board. 

My 20-years on the PNS Board represents a long term of service that has seen tremendous growth in the professionalism of our organization.  The recent highlight was to receive a $2,500 check from USA Swimming as an award for PNS achieving LEAP-2 status – a high level of professionalism in governance and business management for the benefit of our membership.  The financial reserves are at an all-time high for PNS.  The health and leadership of PNS is strong, and well situated for the future.

As I leave the PNS Board, I recall years of growth, friendship and laughter.  I’m honored and humbled to have been a part of your leadership team for 2 decades.  Our sport is in great hands going forward, and I look forward to watching from the deck as PNS Athletes, coaches and officials continue to grow and prosper.

Thank you for your confidence in me, and your support of me and Pacific Northwest Swimming. I wish you all the very best.

See you on deck,

David Coddington