Monday Update


Monday 25th updates

Suit Fitting/swim gear sale for all groups

Wednesday September 27 from 5-7 pm, WEST YMCA lobby, in the Breakers Corner

We try to accommodate as many folks as we can when we choose dates for the sale, as Making Waves has limited days when they can travel 4 hours from Livonia to serve us.  All of the items available at the sale are available at our online team store here  team unify website or Making Waves. Password is gobreakers 

If you want to purchase a suit and don’t know your child’s size, then coming to the fitting will be necessary.

Unfortunately, we cannot have all kids practice this night West, as we only have 3 lanes on Mon, Wed and Fri due to swim lessons and diving.  The Junior and Junior Elite groups should be able to get to the sale and then head to practice at the Civic Center by 6:00 pm or a tad later. 

No Minis at the Central Y Thursday 28th

Due to the high school swim meet on the 28th, the Mini breakers will not be able to swim at The Central Y location on this evening. They can swim from 4:30-5:15 at West with the Developmental group. We start in the water at 4:30 pm.

If your child is a Mini Breaker or Development Swimmer…Both beginwith dryland on the pool deck

1.   Developmental Group- Mondays & Wednesdays-4:30 pm 

2.   Minis-Tuesdays and Thursdays- 6:00 pm

We want your kids “dry” before dryland and not tired before practice so we are asking that you please do not let your swimmer play in the water before practice time. 

Several supportive reasons:

  • SAFETY:Within the hour of practice time allotted for all groups on our team, we are completely responsible for guidance and safety, but outside of this time it becomes the responsibility of the parents.
  • LANE SPACE/DEDICATED PROGRAMMING TIME: We have specific times that we are allotted lane space and practice time.
  • POOPED BEFORE THEY PRACTICE! Kids get tired from playing in the water and then heading into dryland then followed by 45minutes of swim time. This is taxing on your swimmer and we have lots of great things to teach them that need focus and concentration
  • CAN WE STAY LATER? Staying after is ok BUT…. If you’re child wants to stay later, you must:

A) ask the lifeguard where an appropriate area is for your child to swim and

B) BE PRESENT/ remain on deck during this time.

Thanks so much for your understanding and supporting your child's coaches.


Easling Pool Swingshift for the Stars fundraiser:

Show your LOVE for Easling Pool and support the community campaign by joining your pool friends for a fun night of dancing, visiting, and cheering at Swingshift and the Stars on October 20 at 6:30!  The demand for our limited number of seats is HUGE and the tickets are selling quickly.  Be among the few to purchase your seat and join us as we support Norm Lee and Sharon Pascoe as they dance to win money and seek donations for our capital campaign.  Visit and purchase for ticket.  Tickets are available for purchase for $100.00 which includes a $67.50 charitable contribution to the pool renovation fund.  To pay by check, call Kate at 231.883.6790.

If you have any questions please contact me via phone  231-346-4969 or email

Have a great day!! Tomorrow's team email will include info about the Intrasquad meet on the 6th of October.