Survey and Board of Directors Update

      We had another successful season with our swim and dive teams this year and are grateful to the coaches, Board of Directors and many volunteers that made it possible.  Pennypacker Country Club (PCC) appreciates your opinions on the swim and dive programs and would like you to complete this survey at your earliest convenience -

     We want to thank the Board of Directors, Heather Thompson, Jen Jefferis, and Mike Devenney who, over the last three years, have made some important transitions for our team with the implementation of Team Unify and the addition of Adrienne Cooper as the team Treasurer.  Team Unify has significantly helped to streamline the team communications and coordination of volunteers, as well as providing one location for all of the swim and dive team information.

     This process took some time, but Heather and Jen have finalized the Team Unify implementation and are ready to transition to a new team President and Vice President.  Heather and Jen will remain in their current positions on the Board for the 2018 season, but would like to have the 2019 President and Vice President shadow them throughout the preseason and season in order to give hands on instruction as to how Team Unify works, as well as provide them with an understanding of the responsibilities of each position.   

     We are looking for parents who are involved with the team, have an understanding of PCC’s program and the Suburban Swim League, and preferably parents who have volunteered in leadership roles on one of our various committees in the past.  The President and Vice President positions are 2 year terms (with an additional season of some educational shadowing before the term begins).  After the two year term, the Vice President has the option to roll into the President’s position.   It is a great opportunity to get involved with your child’s swim program and be a part of the PCC team.  Please email Andrea Dortone at  if you have an interest in either of these positions, or Heather Thompson at if you have any questions about what these positions entail.

Thank you,

Pennypacker Management