Team email #5


Team email #5

Good afternoon,

  • Most importantly, the signup for the Red/Silver intrasquad meet is open now for registration.
  • Entry choices are limited as we have a specific time we can take control of the Pool and we hope to be done pretty early so we can hang out with some healthy snacks/food for swimmer and families after. This meet is primarily to gather swimmers and families and give new swimmers a little exposure to meets.


  1. All swimmers will be swimming one of these freestyle events by age group:

10&unders 25 free

11-12 50 free

13 & up 100 free

  1. After that if your swimmer is:

9-10, they may choose either the 25 back or the 50 free

11-12, they may choose 2 more 50’s, either 50 fly, 50 back or 50 breast

13&over-they may also choose 2 more 50’s, either 50 fly, 50 back, or 50 breast

To enter your swimmer….

You will need to follow these simple directions.

  1. Choose the SWIM MEET button on the home page
  2. Choose Red/Silver Intrasquad meet
  3. Choose edit commitment
  4. Click on swimmer name
  5. Declaration

Yes, sign __________ up for this meet…. ( if not going do not sign up and you do not need to inform us)

  1. Scroll down and choose events
  2. Then go to bottom right corner and save changes
  3. Voila! You’re done!!

If you have any questions about what your swimmer should compete in please ask your swimmer's coach or contact me via email or phone  or 231-346-4969 ​