Tentative Meet Schedule 2017-2018

Please note that this is a tentative schedule for groups.  Mini meets or Pass meets are not noted and can be found with Khosro.  When signing up for a meet, please note that parents are responsible to help at any meet that their child attends, if a parent is not able to attend, then a representative of the family should be there in your place.

This schedule is subject to change and is just a preliminary schedule so you have an idea.  Please check with your coach regarding any camps, etc. to see if you are eligible.  There will be an attendance criteria as well as other criteria that will be decided upon by the Head Coach with regards to any travel meet or camp that is a travel camp.  Please note that 10 & unders are not allowed to travel with the team due to team regulations.  All other swimmers are encouraged to attend with the team when traveling and those who do not travel may have restrictions.