Peter Larson to attend National Select Camp at Olympic Training Center!

Each fall, USA Swimming invites a group of swimmers to attend their National Select Camp at the US Olympic Training Center, Colorado Springs. CO…/usa-swimming-announces-2017-n…

Edina Swim Club's Peter Larson is the 3rd ESC Swimmer to be invited, previously Madeline Eden (2010) and JohnThomas Larson (2014) have both attended, this is a great opportunity for the club and the swimmer. Head Coach Jeff Rodriguez will also be attending as the program is designed to mentor coaches also, Jeff was on the coaching staff in 2010 and attended in 2014.

Peter is the only male invited from MN, but we would like to recognize and give a shout out to Isabelle Stadden, another MN swimmer for being selected as well #MNstrong. We are proud to be sending one of our own to represent MN Swimming.

This camp is designed to help identify future USA national team swimmers, giving them some tools, while also bringing their coaches to work and learn together with their athletes, thus making USA swimming and state LSC swimming programs even stronger.

ESC has had several 13-14 yr old athletes attend Zone Select Camps in the past few years, a stepping stone to the National Select Camp, all part of USA Swimming's progression.

Read more on the selection process for both camps: