Pentathlon Meet Review

Pentathlon Meet Review


Gold Group from Coach Tabor:

The Pentathlon started off with some really fast 100 freestyles..Levi, Ryan and Haley all broke a minute and 3 others went best times. Ryan went 5 for 5 best times, Luci and Levi went 3 for 5 best times. Even though all swimmers did not achieve best times there were good stroke improvements and hard racing. Each swim gave us something to reflect on for the next race.  The energy from the swimmers was really positive and good teammate support!



Black Group from Coach Summir:

First meet of the season was quick and fun. This meet was technology free and was a great opportunity for teammates to cheer each other on, teach newer/younger swimmers the ropes of a meet, and a lot of fast swimming. 14 swimmers from my group raced at this meet. 35 out of 66 individual swims (53%) were BT’s (best times) and 4 NT’s (no times) were eliminated with an official time. Sam, Preston, and Hudson raced into BT’s on all 5 individual swims. 



Purple Group from Coach Ray:

This weekend was a great weekend for the Purple Group at the Pentathlon. The focus for my group was an emphasis on form and how the swims looked. There are several areas that need a little work across the board, but for the most part all swims were legal and had nice form. Even though there was not an emphasis on times, many of the Purple Group swimmers were getting best times or were right at their best times. Some standouts to me were those who are new to the group. Mia, Lyla, Jorja, and Madilyn really stepped up this weekend and impressed me. My veteran swimmers, Victoria, Sydney, and Kalea, swam very well and are getting closer to new state cuts.



Grey Group from Coach Alex:

Although it was a very quick meet, there was no shortage of great swims and energy from my group. There were fast swims, but the best part of the meet was how much legal swimming I saw. There wasn’t a single DQ in the 100 IM from any of our swimmers, which is really exciting to see. Both Nora and Trask went best times in the 25 Free for the second meet in a row, and Douglas swam his first legal 100 IM this weekend. Overall I’m very proud of all my swimmers and I’m looking forward to our Christmas meet!



White Group from Coach Lucy:

I felt like the meet fairly well (given I only had two swimmers). But Gemma had fun at her first meet and had one legal time. Ian did very well. Two legal times and a relay! These both are very exciting! It was a good day over all. I did notice things to focus on with my kids in the future. The meet went fairly smooth as a whole and I would say that it was a good first meet to coach at!