Olympic Visit


This past weekend the Goldfins Swim Club welcomed a special guest to the pool deck.  Olympic medalist Chantelle Van Landegham was on deck running clinics.  It is not everyday we get this privilege and it was an honour to work with Chantelle as she taught the swimmers her tricks to world class sprint freestyle.

The weekend also played host to the our Annual Awards Banquet, where Chantelle gave a very honest and eloquent performance as the guest speaker.  Gracious and heart felt in her delivery Chantelle shared with us her greatest, and her worst, moments.  It isn't for everyone to stand up and talk about a time they fell flat on their face.  Chantelle not only did this but she shared the growth that it allowed.  It was truly inspiring to hear how Chantelle and her support team dealt with this experience and allowed it to play an important role on her ultimately qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Chantelle's message of perseverance and growth are truly inspiring and it was amazing to hear.