Splash news...Monday, October 16th

Dieleman Fundraiser:  Just a reminder that all Dieleman orders are due no later than Thursday, October 19th . Please place in an envelope marked Dieleman Fundraiser, Attn: Stephanie Robers along with your swimmers name and put in drop box at Findlay Center. If you are unable to make it to Findlay by  Thursday , please contact Stephanie by email:  to make alternate arrangements. Thanks!

Citrus Fundraiser:  Geoff Bennett has graciously offered to run this program for the Crusaders this year.  Any questions can be directed to him at:  More details to follow soon, but here is what we know so far:

From Geoff:  I will have pricing from our new supplier by the end of the month for California oranges (88 oranges per case), Texas grapefruit (56 per case) and Spanish clementines (125 per case). Swimmers will make $10 of fundraising credit for every case sold. Generally we offer family, friends, or neighbours the choice of a full case or half a case.  You can offer a quarter of case but generally this gets more difficult to manage on your end.  You can suggest if someone wants just a quarter then ask if they know someone who will buy the other quarter to make a half case.  When we submit the entire order to the supplier, all individual swimmer orders are tallied up and presented in total cases to the supplier.  Parents are expected to write a cheque or send an email transfer for the entire amount of your swimmers order (made out to DCSC) who then will pay the supplier for the entire invoice.  This happens on pick up date, to be determined early December.  We pick up our individual orders at the warehouse (early December) and deliver over the next few days to our customers.  Stay tuned to Splash for updates on this program.

Halloween Social:  Saturday, October 28th at Centennial Pool.  If you are able to help out with the event by donating any of the following, please reach out to Michelle Mallett:

3 chillis   20 servings each (full ladle per serving) 
4 Mac and cheese 20 servings each. 
100 soft rolls
1 extra large margarine 
2 large veg trays
3 large fruit trays
Please bring your own water :)
You will receive valuable volunteer points towards your mandatory points. 
Please email asap your donations to. 

Montes Fundraiser:  November 24th is the night!  Please spread the word on your social media accounts to make this a huge success for our club!  Tickets will be available soon!  We are in need of auction items as well :)