TAC Weekly Letter

So I thought I sent this out on Tuesday but it looks like that did not happen. Not sure whether it was human error or computer error. I'm leaning towards human.

Quote of the week:
"Achievers sacrifice, struggle, work on, perhaps alone, weary, and discouraged and yet at each step overcome the negative."


Thoughts from the coach

As we approach our first swim meet this weekend, I would like to encourage all our parents to take a deep breath and enjoy it. Below I have the timeline for the meet, make sure you get there with plenty of time. As you watch your child swim please remember it is not important if they win or lose, swim fast or slow. What matters most is to try their best, support their teammates and have fun. So take a deep breath and enjoy it, soon they will be in college.


No Saturday Practice

No practice, you should be at a swim meet. See you on Monday


Sign up for Oak Harbor Oct. 21-22



The deadline is October 10th, there are 34 swimmers signed up.


The past two years we placed 2nd and 3rd at the meet. I am ready for take 1st. I hope you are as well. To make this happen we need to double the number of swimmers, so get online and sign up.


34 swimmers are pretty good but it wont be enough if the team really wants to take first place. Oak Harbor has some really strong swimmers, there will be a number of teams from Canada, they bring some strong swimmers as well. To take 1st our team needs to get about 50 kids signed up for this meet. So if you are sitting on the fence, get off it, join the team and lets race for 1st place.


Bellingham Details

I have attached the meet timeline. Morning warm ups start at 8am, please try and be there by 7:45, especially if you have never been there before.


Saturday 1st session AM:

            Boys 12 and under

            Girls 10 and under

Saturday 2nd session:

            Boys 13 and over

            Girls 11 and over

Sunday 3rd session AM:

            Boys 11 and Over

            Girls 13 and Over

Sunday 4th session:

            Boys 10 and under

            Girls 12 and under

When looking at the timeline it does not include the 1 hour warm up. So if you show up when the timeline says it starts you will be late. Be there at least 1 hour before it says it starts.


I have also included the meet information file. This will have the event location and address. Take a look to get directions.


Sign up for upcoming meets


Oak Harbor Oct. 21-22

Anacortes Oct. 28-29


Sign up online: https://www.teamunify.com/Home.jsp?_tabid_=0&team=pntac



Order Team Gear Online 

Please note that your team suits are custom embroidered and may not be returned or exchanged so please be sure of your size.

  1. Web page link: http://www.swimmingteams.com/page.php?p=teamlogin
  2. Enter Login ID: thunderbird and Password: aquatics
  3. Follow instructions for checkout. Please note that you still need to complete the "shipping" field by choosing "copy billing info". Also please note that certain items have color options and a place to enter a name for embroidery.
  4. Contact information for any questions you may have:

 Contact Information:                                       
(800)214-6823                              Dan Martin
Tel:(702)696-9290                       360-510-4813
Fax:(702)696-9210                     Email: swimgear@msn.com


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