TAC Weekly Letter

Quote of the week:
"Other people and things can stop you temporarily. You're the only one who can do it permanently."
~Zig Ziglar 


Your 2018 board members:


President: Laurie Bergvall

Phone: 360-333-2052

Email: lauriebergvall@gmail.com


Vice President: Niabi Drew

Phone: 360-914-8132

Email: ethernuts@gmail.com


Treasurer: Rob Hoxie

Phone: 360-299-9218

Email: mapmanrob@hotmail.com


Secretary: Lissa Snowman

Phone: 206-234-5510

Email: lissasnowman@hotmail.com


Parent Rep: Elton Erickson

Phone: 360-610-9354

Email: eltonerickson1974@gmail.com


Parent Rep: Silvy Yamazaki

Phone: 408-688-6080

Email: syamasj@aol.com


Parent Rep: Monica Harris

Phone: 360-421-1497

Email: monicacharris2@msn.com

No Saturday Practice

There is no Saturday practice, you should be at a swim meet. There is Monday practice.

2017-2018 home meet dates

These are our home meets for this year. Please reserve these dates and keep clear.

Fall Thunderbird October 28th and 29th

January Challenge 6th and 7th

TAC-E March 3rd and 4th

Spring Thunderbird May 18th, 19th and 20th

Sign up for home meet

We have our first home meet in three weeks. Now is the time to sign up for the meet. Team policy is to sign up any swimmer that hasnt declared "yes" or "no".

Parents get online and start signing up for jobs. Help Niabi out and lets fill these jobs out.


Oak Harbor Oct. 21-22 Timeline attached

Attached is the timeline for the Oak Harbor meet. Also attached is the concessions menu for the weekend.

12 and under boys and 10 and under girls are morning session for both days. Warm ups start at 9am so please be there by 8:30.

11 and over girls and 13 and over boys are in the afternoon for both sessions. Please be there by 12:15 on Saturday and 12:30 on Sunday

Order Team Gear Online 

Please note that your team suits are custom embroidered and may not be returned or exchanged so please be sure of your size.

  1. Web page link: http://www.swimmingteams.com/page.php?p=teamlogin
  2. Enter Login ID: thunderbird and Password: aquatics
  3. Follow instructions for checkout. Please note that you still need to complete the "shipping" field by choosing "copy billing info". Also please note that certain items have color options and a place to enter a name for embroidery.
  4. Contact information for any questions you may have:

 Contact Information:                                       
(800)214-6823                              Dan Martin
Tel:(702)696-9290                       360-510-4813
Fax:(702)696-9210                     Email: swimgear@msn.com


8 Snacks Young Swimmers Should Downplay in Their Diet and Why

When I talk about fueling the body for sport, I often compare the types of fuel swimmers use to perform. For example, an athletes body is like a sports car or a race car. It warms up quickly, gets up to speed swiftly, can go fast, and endure for hours.

Think about it: race car drivers only allow premium fuel in the car to get the most out of the cars performance. The same mentality should be used for the young athlete. Swimmers want to get the most and best performance from the food supplied to their body.

Premium fuel includes wholesome, nutritious foods that offer calories and nutrients. Foods such as meats and fish, milk and yogurt, fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Plant oils like olive oil, and nuts and seeds. These foods offer high-octane fuel for the athlete, not only providing nutrients for performance, but for recovery and growth, as well.

In stark contrast, there are foods that dont help or enhance an athletes performance. Even though they provide energy (calories), they dont offer much in terms of nutrients, which keep the body processing the calories that have been consumed. As such, they arent ideal as a fuel source for performance.

These low-octane fuel sources may negatively affect performance, impacting the strength, endurance and speed of the athlete. Through the course of a day, a week and a season, young swimmers should aim to eat mostly premium fuel sources, and limit the consumption of low octane foods.


8 Low Octane Foods to Minimize in the Swimmers Diet


1. Candy bars

Contrary to the commercials touting a candy bar as an energy source to save the middle of the day, the high sugar content of a candy bar can wreak havoc on an athletes blood sugar stability. A blood sugar spike (and subsequent plummet) may leave the swimmer feeling shakey, light-headed, hungry and sweaty. Also, candy bars generally have a higher fat content, which may slow overall digestion, leading the athlete to feel full, sluggish and may cause stomach cramps.


2. Sugary Candy

Pure sugar can boost an athletes blood sugar level and help him feel energized, but this feeling only lasts for a short time, especially if other nutrients such as protein or fat arent eaten in tandem. Eventually, blood sugar comes down and a reactive low blood sugar (described above) may follow.


3. Soda

Soda, both regular and diet, are filling, and the bubbles can cause gassiness in some athletes.  Regular soda is another high sugar, empty nutrient item.


4. Chips (potato, corn, tortilla)

Who doesnt like a little bit of crunch with their lunch? In the context of a meal, a handful of chips is fine, but as a snack, chips sport a high fat and salt content and wont provide the optimal nutrition to get through a grueling practice.


5. Chocolate or candy-coated granola bars

Whats so special about a candy-coating? Sure, it looks good to eat and tastes good, but there is a little surprise on the back of the package. Explore the ingredient list and the nutritional profile of a candy-coated granola bar and youll see it is similar to a candy bar.


6. Sweet desserts (donuts, cupcakes, cookies)

The double-whammy: sweet grain-based desserts are not only high in sugar, but in fat and calories, too. These arent a deal breaker at the end of a meal, but they arent ideal as a fuel source before a workout.


7. Ice cream, frozen dairy-based treats, milkshakes

You get the gist: foods with high sugar and fat content should be reserved for special occasions, eaten in the context of a meal (so other valuable nutrients are consumed as well), and generally avoided as a snack for the athlete in season.


8. French Fries

Who doesnt love French fries? One fry will get you about 10 caloriesmostly from fatand its hard to eat just a handful. Remember, all that fat takes quite a bit of time to digest, so eat them hours before training or competing.


Jill Castle, MS, RDN is a registered dietitian, childhood nutritionist, and youth sports nutrition expert. She is the author of  Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete. Learn more about Jill at www.jillcastle.com  , herresources for athletes, and check out her free list of 70 Awesome Pre-Workout Snacks for Kids  here. Coming soon! Eat Like a Champion class for young athletes and their parents