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TAC Board Meeting Minutes

TAC Board Meeting 8/23/17 Notes


Team is spending more money on this swim season on Championship meets
The team did well with the Fall Thunderbird Meet last year and the Swim-A-thon

Newspaper Advertisement for Recruitment

Board decided not to continue with the newspaper advertisements.  Board will look into using  more social media to reach out to the community for recruitment.

Registration Numbers-

29 members have signed up.  This  is expected to increase once school begins.

Team Unify Class for parents-

There will not be a Team Unify tutorial class for parents.
Jason look into putting Team Unify tutorial links on the Home Page.

Fall Banquet Prep-

Date 9/15; Time right after practice
There will be hamburgers and hot dogs
Members will be asked to bring a side dish or desert
There will be water for drinks
We will do a team photo and vote on the budget (Rob will bring his budget copies)

Photo Collage for 2017 2018 Board Members

Monica will take photos of the new members and add to the collage

The new TAC Schedule will be located in the lobby

Update site-

The pool site will be updated  and will have a link to the TAC facebook page and to the Team Unify Site.

2017 PNW Swimposium

September 30, 2017 King County Aquatics Center
Information will be sent out in newsletter to see if anyone is interested in attending

The TAC Board will be located in the same area.

9/16 Coach Staff Training Clinic

Rob will get a team banner.

Cal will check out canopies for the Team.