EAC Newsletter 10.22.17

 Good evening Gators!

  1. Practice schedule: Normal practice schedule this week including practices on Saturday.
  2. Locker Room Etiquette: There have been some swimmers in the blue practice group who are opening other swimmers’ lockers and moving their stuff around. Please remind your swimmers that they are not to touch items that do not belong to them.  If it continues, the blue practice group will lose their locker room privileges. Also, it is important that swimmers understand that they may only use the locker room immediately before and after their own practice time. Swimmers should not be in the locker room just to hang out.
  3. AquaFest: If you have not sent in your AquaFest fees, please do so ASAP.
  4. USA Swimmers: On Wednesday of this week, Coach Ken will meet with USA Swimmers in the green group at 6:45 and then meet with blue level USA Swimmers at 7:15. He intends to have the blue group out by 7:45 at the latest. These meeting times will be for all USA Swimmers, but will be particularly good for the swimmers who are new to USA Swimming, especially with our first USA meet coming up this weekend. Also, information regarding Penn State this weekend will be sent out as soon as we get it from the host team.
  5. Coach Spotlight: Tonight, we feature Coach Kelly Gillette:  
  • I have enjoyed coaching off and on for over the past 20 years.  I have coached at the Lancaster YMCA, EAC (a long time ago), Etown High School (with Coach Alex) and then have come full circle back to EAC.  I am a mother to two amazing children, Juliana and Cole and wife to an amazing husband, Greg.  I have worked at Etown High School for 20 years as first a Spanish teacher and now a school counselor. 
  • My favorite thing about coaching is connecting with the kids.  I love watching them grow as swimmers, meet goals and just enjoy the sport overall. 
  • My favorites:
    • Color- Green
    • Food- Tostadas
    •  Holiday- Thanksgiving
    • Stroke- Breaststroke 
  • A piece of advice I would give to our swimmers would be to practice with a purpose and how you want to compete in a race.  Swim hard every day, don’t get sloppy with your stroke, finish hard to the wall every time.  Practicing with bad habits means racing with bad habits. 

  1. Green: Here are this week's practice videos: 





    Open turn drill:


    Here is another video which features yoga for swimmers focusing on shoulders 

That's it for tonight! Have a great week, EAC!