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December Champs Meets:  As the PACK Open approaches, it is time to start thinking about the December champs meets.  I want to remind all our parents that champs meets are the most important meets of the season and we would like to see as many swimmers as possible attend.  As was mentioned during the parent meetings, Gulf Swimming has champs meets for every age group and swimming level.  Here is a brief description of each champ meets for the month of December:
  • Southern Senior Champs - November 30 - December 3:  This meet is hosted by The Woodlands Swim Team at the Conroe ISD Natatorium.  This meet is for 15 and over swimmers who have achieved the qualifying times required for the meet.  This meet will not only have Gulf Swimming teams but will also have teams from outside of the Gulf LSC; most traditionally coming from Arizona, Colorado and Florida.
  • Gulf Senior Champs - December 1-3:  This meet is hosted by North Channel Aquatics at the Galena Park ISD Natatorium.  This meet is for all 15 and over swimmers, there are no qualifying or cut-off times.  This meet will only have Gulf Swimming teams.
  • Gulf 8&U Champs - December 2:  This meet will have multiple hosts and we will be assigned a location once all Gulf entries are in.  This is a one day meet with 25 yard and 50 yard events plus the 100 free and 100 IM.  This meet is open for all 8 and under swimmers and does not have any qualifying times or cut-off times.
  • Gulf Fall Champs  - December 8-10:  This meet will have multiple hosts and we will be assigned a location once all Gulf entries are in.  This meet is for swimmers ages 9-14; this will be the meet that most of our swimmers will attend.  This meet does not have qualifying times but it does have cut-off times (Gulf AG Champs), swimmers will be able to swim any event in which they have not achieved the cut-off time.
  • Gulf Age Group Champs - December 15-17:  This meet is being hosted by the Aggies Swim Club at the Texas A&M Natatorium in College Station.  This meet is for any 14 and under swimmer who has achieved the required qualifying times.
There are a lot of champs meets and it can be hard to keep track of what meet your swimmer is supposed to attend.  The general rule of thumb is as follows:
  • 8 and under swimmers - You will attend the Gulf 8&U Champs meet.
  • 9-14 swimmers - You will attend the Gulf Fall Champs meet.
  • 15 and over swimmers - You will attend the Gulf Senior Champs meet.
For swimmers who have qualified to the two meets that require qualifying times (Southern Senior Champs and Gulf Age Group Champs) you will receive a separate email detailing which events you are eligible to swim at those meets.  Those emails will be going out as soon as the results for the PACK Open are out and our website is updated with the latest times.  If you do not receive an email then your swimmer will be at the corresponding meet as outlined above.  Stay tuned to our website and email with additional information and if you have additional questions regarding the champs meets please email the Team YES! Meet Entry Chair at