High School Recap - Week 2 of HS Championship Series

The last Friday and Saturday in October were two phenomenal days for our Tsunami swimmers in their High School Championship series.  Florida has a fairly unique championship set up.  Florida has four State divisions for swimming separated by school size.  Each Division has four Regions, each Region has three districts. You are allowed two individual events per swimmer and each team is allowed four swimmers per event. From the three Districts the top 24 swimmers and top 16 relays move on to Regions.  From the four Regions the top 24 swimmers and 16 relays in each event move on to the State Championships.  It gets very competitive.

1A States are the smaller schools, generally private schools.  Locally that includes Cardinal Mooney, Bradenton Christian, Sarasota Christian, St. Stephens and Out of Door Academy.

2A States are the next size schools with local schools Booker HS, Bayshore HS and Southeast HS

3A States, even larger schools, Northeast HS [St. Pete], Braden River HS, Palmetto HS and Venice HS

4A States are the largest HS and our local schools are Manatee HS, Lakewood Ranch HS, Sarasota HS, Riverview HS and Northport HS. [note, the local District for 4A has the most depth of any District in the State leading into the fastest Region of all Regions in the State].

This weekend is the second week of the series and we had the 3A & 4A District meets as well as the 1A & 2A Region meets.

Winning events this weekend at 4A Districts were Emily Massengale in the 100 back [for those who might not know Emily, she is deaf and her time yesterday broke the American Record for Deaf swimmers]. Other District winners were Sebastian Agguirre, 100 fly; Katelynn Coons, 50 free; Xander Gardner, 100 free. At 3A Districts we had Rusty Jerger win the 200 free.

Winning events at Regionals, in 2A Ryley Ober 100 & 200 free, she will go into States seeded first in both events.  In 1A Anna Freed won the 100 backstroke while Jillian Santiago won both the 200 & 100 free events.  Jillian led in the 200 free for most of the race but had to hold off a charging opponent and won by .07 seconds.  In the 100 free she was 4th at the 50, a full second behind the leader, 3rd at the 75 so it was her turn to charge to the finish and won by an even closer .03 seconds.

The previous week at the 1A & 2A Districts, For Bradenton Christian Anna Freed won both the 100 fly & 100 back, qualifying for Regions in both events.  For Saraota Christian Nora Murphy qualified for Regions in both the 200 & 500 free and Aidan Murphy qualified in the 500 free. For Cardinal Mooney Jillian Santiago won the 200 free and qualified for Regions in both the 100 & 200 free.  For St. Stephens Anika Kennedy qualified in both the 50 & 100 free. Graham Beckstein made the 50 & 100 free, Nikki Mattheys qualified in the 100 & 200 free and Nicholas Probosz made it in the 200 IM and 100 breaststroke.

From the 2A Districts, for Bayshore HS we had Ryley Ober win both 100 & 200 free to move on to Regions.  Joining her was Alexandra Graham who qualified in the 200 & 500 free and in the same events for the boys was Andrew Kalaman.  From Booker HS moving to Regions was Akos Fuszfas in both the 200 free and 100 breast.

Moving on to next week meets will be;

To States for 1A, Sarasota Christian has Nora Murphy in both the 200 & 500 free. Cardinal Mooney will have  Jillian Santiago in the 100 & 200 free. Bradenton Christian will be represented by Anna Freed 100 fly and 100 back. St. Stephens will have Nicholas Probosz in the 200 IM, Nikki Mattheys in the 100 free and Graham Beckstein in the 50 & 100 free.

To States in 2A schools will be Ryley Ober 100 & 200 free, Alexandra Graham 200 & 500 free and Andrew Kalaman 200 & 500 free, all three swim for Bayshore HS.

To 3A Regions next week will be Rusty Jerger 100 & 200 free from Northeast HS, and Payton Lewandrowski in the 200 & 500 free for Braden River HS.

Competing in the 4A Regions from Riverview HS will be Xander Gardner 100 & 200 free, Jason Brzozowski in the 200 IM and 100 back, Ian Brann in the 100 free and 100 back plus Olivia Schwartz in the 500 free and 100 breast.  From Sarasota HS will be Tori Holcomb in the 100 & 200 free, Lizzy Voronina in the 100 free and 100 back, Ryan Opitz and Jared Repassy both in the 200 & 500 free. From Manatee HS will be Bo Armer in the 50 & 100 free, Ray Asmakis in the 200 IM & 500 free, Wes Bokelmann in the 100 back and sisters Molli & Maddi Barron in the 500 Free.  And from Lakewood Ranch HS Sebastian Aguirre in the 100 fly & 100 back, Colin Love, 500 free, Emily Massengale in 200 IM and 100 back, Keely Radloff in the 200 free & 100 fly, Katelynn Coons in 50 & 100 free and Suzi Aguirre in the 100 fly.

The HS team finishes so far are as follows;

1A - Districts[14 schools];  Bradenton Christian Girls 9th, Boys 13th.  Cardinal Mooney Girls 5th, Boys 14th.  ODA Girls 6th, Boys 3rd.  St. Stephens Girls 4th, Boys 4th. Sarasota Christian Girls 14th, Boys 13th.

1A Regions[26 schools]; Bradenton Christian Girls 16th.  Cardinal Mooney Girls 8th, Boys 23rd.  ODA Girls 14th, Boys 7th.  St. Stephens Girls 18th, Boys 6th. Sarasota Christian Girls 20th.

2A - Districts [8 schools]; Bayshore Girls 6th, Boys 7th. Booker girls 8th, Boys 8th. Southeast Girls 4th, Boys 4th.

2A - Regions [25 schools]; Bayshore Girls 11th, Boys 14th. Booker girls 21st. Southeast Girls 17th, Boys 11th.

3A - Districts [15 schools] Braden River Girls 3rd, Boys 3rd. Palmetto Girls 13th, Boys 15th.  Venice 1st in both Girls & Boys.

4A - Districts [9 schools] Lakewood Ranch Girls 5th, Boys 6th. Manatee Girls 7th, Boys 7th. North Port Girls 9th, Boys 8th. Riverview 1st in both Girls & Boys. Sarasota Girls 3rd, Boys 5th.