Season Kick Off email

Hello Teams, 

IT's HERE! Our season begins this week!

As a heads up, when you visit the website, make sure you hit refresh on your browser to view the most recently uploaded material. If you visit this often, your computer will cache the website and it may not show the most updated information. 

Sign up for the coach remind text message ap, follow the directions on the attachment.  /rechspkhs/UserFiles/File/remind%20invite.pd

Nov 1st(Wednesday)

Apparel Orders due NO LATE ORDERS

contact person, Paula Zumock (North) - 614-589-3687, drop off at her home: 12900 Oldham Ave.

contact person Melissa Held (Central) – 614-203-1254, drop of at her home:  94 Longleaf Ct.

Sponsor Donations are due for Poster, contact person,            Melinda Sherry (North) - 614-370-1879

                                                                                                   Trish Reed (Central) – 614-284-4790

Nov 5th (SUNDAY) - Swimmer Evaluations* 6-8pm at the Columbus School for Girls Pool. Be ready to get in the water at 6pm. This is a change from the first email due to the Football teams making the playoffs.

Location: CSG's Athletics entrance is located at 65 S. Drexel Ave., Bexley, 43209 

Swimmers who are training out with their club or YMCA team are not required to attend this practice, however they are welcome to come to this practice and any HS practice they wish to attend at any time . The only requirement for club swimmers to come to a HS practice is if they are requested to attend a session by the coaches, this may happen to practice relay starts etc closer to championship and tournament meets. Once again they are welcome to come to any practice, if there is a question regarding which training group to attend a practice with talk to coach Justin. 

Nov 6th(Monday) - Chipotle Fundraiser at the Tussing location.  Coach Justin will announce the training groups at 7pm.  The fundraiser will run from 5-9pm.

Nov 7th(Tuesday) – Kent Smith photo shoot.

* Central from 11:30-1:00

o All teammates will meet at 11:30.

o Swim suits will be worn by all teammates.

* North from 1:00-3:00.

o Seniors will be photographed first at 1:00, followed by the Juniors at 1:30, Sophomores at 2:00 and Freshmen at 2:30.

o Seniors will be wearing their swim suits

o All other underclassmen will wear plain black crew neck t-shirts and blue jeans.  NO V-NECKS.

o Please bring your order form and check if you are purchasing a Banner, Seniors only ($65.00 plus tax)

o Please bring your order form and check if you are purchasing a Memory Mate ($30.00 plus tax)

Click HERE for the Memory Mate Order form  put your swimmer's name on this form, this is what was provided by Kent Smith. If I receive something different I will share it. 

Upcoming deadline to keep in mind: 

Nov 17th(Friday) – On this date the BGSU room block is cancelled.  Ensure to have made your reservation by this time.

Hampton Inn

o 142 Campbell Hill Rd, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

o 419-353-3464

o Please state you are tax exempt to not be charged State Tax

o The reservation is under- Pickerington Swim

o Currently reserved- 12/8/2017 – 12/10/2017 (we swim on Saturday) Most will go on Friday night to avoid a zero dark thirty wake up call, not all will stay over Saturday, this is optional. The meet is a one day meet with Prelims in the morning, those qualifying for finals swim again at night. 

Attached is the practice schedule

Attached is the meet schedule

See you on Friday!

Pickerington Coaching Staff