BASH Update
Practice Schedule Changes-
Tuesday October 31 – Halloween
                Senior 1- swim 3- 5 pm only, Senior 2 – swim 3:20-5 PM only
                AG 1-2-3-4, Senior 3 and all Dolphin ARE OFF
Friday November 3 – Senior 1 & 2 will finish at 5:30 PM, AG 1 & 2 will swim 5:30-7:00 PM, AG 3 & 4 regular, Sr 3 is Off on Fridays.
Saturday, November 4 And Sunday November 5 – NO Practices due to the ME Lyons Y swim meet all weekend.
Friday, November 10 – AG 1-2 will swim 5:15- 6:30 PM – early due to a Novice meet at BASH.
Sunday, November 12 – due to a YMCA ALL staff meeting that evening, NO Swim Practices for anyone.
Swim Meet Information – for new swimmers to BASH –
We all warm up before the meet! Please arrive at the pool before our specific warm up schedule, we have only a short time to get use to the pool, so quick entry into warm up session is required by all. Bring your swim suit, cap, extra goggles, towels, warm clothing and your BASH tees shirts (we hope new ones will be here this week). 
ME Lyons YMCA Swim Meet Information – this weekend- November 3-4-5
The Y is at ---8108 Clough Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45244, a bit of a drive, leave early!
Friday – 10 and over events – warm up for BASH at 4:00 PM, meet at 4:45 PM, estimated finish Friday evening is 8:15 PM
Saturday & Sunday Morning for 11 and over – Specific BASH warm up to be announced, meet at 8:15 AM, estimated finish each day about 12:45 PM
Saturday & Sunday Afternoon for 10 and under swimmers – BASH warm up  to be announced.
Novice Meet Friday, November 10 in Blue Ash Y’s Ferris Pool – warm up 6:30 PM, meet at 6:50 PM, should last about 1 hour. Please sign up on our website immediately if your beginner swimmer wants to swim.
Do you have a table saw and can you cut a piece of wood for Coach Bill ?? If so contact him  please!