2012 LAC Partners & Links
Great LAC meet! Thanks parents!

Thank you all LAC parents for the fantastic job you did over the weekend putting on a great meet. It is always a pleasure to have an LAC meet because we get the highest turnout for our team. This weekend we had 97 swimmers signed up, our most ever! A meet does however require a lot of work from the parent group and you all did an amazing job. Along with having more swimmers participate, there is a sense of team pride, an opportunity for parents to get to know each other, and the chance to make money for the team, which goes back to the kids through equipment, rewards, clinics, etc. 

This meet was truly outstanding and we had several coaches from other teams come up to us and comment about the smooth way it was run and especially about the hospitality which was excellent. Thank you for spending your weekend running a great meet. Our kids did exceptionally well, with a great number of lifetime bests and lifetime best unshaved swims. (We will highlight people specifically in the newsletter). Best of all the atmosphere was friendly, welcoming, and enthusiastic. Thank you LAC BOD and LAC parent group for all you do to make our team great!