VPSC Invitational Swim Meet

 Congratulations to all swimmers attending the VPSC fall Invitational Swim Meet.  CDSC sent around 40 swimmers to this meet and watching the swimmers who participated, I was excited to see the execution of their racing skills.  In most of the heats, CDSC swimmers dove in and raced to the end!  Heat after heat showed that the CDSC swimmers were there to WIN!  When going to a swim meet, this is one of the most important attributes that we are looking for - swimmers who are trying to be competitive and race the others beside them.  It is one of the best gauges of their desire to accomplish something.  Learning how to win heats is a crucial step for swimmers who want to move up and race faster swimmers.  In winning heats and posting best times, you will then move up to a faster heat the next time until eventually you will be swimming with the fastest swimmers.  Once this happens, it becomes harder and harder to keep winning heats but it is still what you need to accomplish.

We had swimmers in every age group who were competitive. 

In the Girls 10 & under category:

Sahara Forest won the highest award overall of CDSC swimmers placing 4th overall among the other 10 & under girls and BREAKING the CLUB RECORD in the 50 FREE!!!!, posting a time of 31.92 taking .06 off the previous record.​  Other 10 and under girls placing in the top ten were;  Brianna - 8th and Ridley - 10th.

In the 11 year old girls category:

​Maia - 6th -    and Julie was just outside of the top 10 placing 11th.

In the 12 year old girls category:

Hazel - 10th -  and Chelsea was 11th by a mere .5

In the 11 year old boys category:

​Noah - 8th and Andrew Kwo - 10th

In the 12 year old boys category:

Jordan - 8th and Jack 10th

Overall, I was looking at the technical skills of the swimmers as well as turns and underwater ability.  I was very impressed with the ability of the group from Red 1, Red 2, Elite 1 Jr. as well as Elite 2 Jr.  Congratulations 

One thing that I would suggest is that swimmers in the early meets of the season do NOT WEAR racing suits as this is the time of the season where you need to put some stresses on your abilities and not be trying to do races with a racing suit but rather use a training suit until the Tier I and II championships or when your coach may need you to perform for a cut.  The coach would usually tell you when this would be.  If you are always wearing a racing suit, your ability to feel rested and ready to go will be diminished by always having the edge of the racing suit.

Meet results are here.