White Group takes the October AG Challenge


This year we will be posing challenges for our age group training groups to compete against each other, each month, to raise the bar and increase the competitive excitement! Teams will be competing each month to develop skills and implement habits, not only at the pool, but away from the pool. Month by month we will be going over new elements to help each swimmer understand the different elements that contribute to success while working together as a training group towards a common goal! The group with the highest percentage of contributing challengers will win that competition. The winning training group will be posted online each month with the names of each participating competitor.

October Recap –

Each athlete was to begin the season by demonstrating how they take ownership for their progress, development, and successes as individual athletes.  Each training group was given examples of way to add ownership and leadership to their everyday swim life. The groups with the highest percentage of athlete’s demonstrating acts of ownership and leadership was the White group with 98%! Congrats White group!

For the next month we will be tracking attendance during the NAC “November Attendance Challenge”(N.A.C). Each group has a target number of practices that they must attend to get credit for their practice group. The target numbers are as follows:

Green Group: 8 out of 12
White Group: 13 out of 17
Red Group: 18 out of 21
Blue Group: 20 out of 24

The group with the highest percentage of athletes that hit the target number of practices will win this challenge! Remember, each training group will be comprised of swimmers across all locations. In order to have 100% on this challenge, all registered athletes within a group must be at practice in November!

Practice attendance, focus, and effort during the month of November is directly related to the performances and success of the program in December at the Music City Invite. This meet will be the first team effort competition and the goal of the program is to WIN the meet! All ages and training groups have the opportunity to be contributing members in December, but first we need you to be here in November to best prepared for the MCI!

The training group that wins the most challenges throughout the short course season will win a Pizza party and other prizes! Stay tuned for more information and challenges as the season progresses.

Good luck!

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