Swim-a-Thon Announcements - Get Ready for the Final Push

We’re in the final push of Swim-a-Thon, and it’s going good, but it could be even better!  Please read through this news posting for all of the announcements and information leading up to next week's big event!

Don’t Forget About Participation Prizes!

Did you know about the goods you can take home just through your participation in the Swim-a-Thon?  $150 or more gets you a yard sign for neighborhood bragging rights; $250 or more gets you a limited edition T-shirt (you can only order more if you reach that $250 threshold), and $400 gets you a beach towel with your name on it to take to swim meets.  If you raise even more, there are additional prizes available from USA swimming.

Click here for details on all of the participation prizes!

Week 2 Giving Motivational Awards

Awards for the biggest contributions per coaching group during week 2 go to the following:


Top Earner in Week 2

Total - Week 2 Only

Kathy and Mauren

Rowdy Robinson



Ethan Shelton



Parker Hancock



Aspen Shelton



Jim Steffenson


These hard-working swimmers all receive 2 brunch tickets for Blue Mesa, and a FAST logo coffee mug.  I’ll look for you at the pool this week to hand out the prizes from this week and last week!

And remember, top overall earner per coach gets to design a workout that their coach gets to swim.  What workout would you like to see your coach do??!?

Race for the Top Prizes

We are pleased to announce prizes for the overall top earners:

Top Overall Earner – Fitbit Ionic Sports Watch (with swim lap counter, a $300 value)

#2 Overall Earner – Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro Fitness Watch (also with swim lap counter, a $130 value)

#3 Overall Earner – Fitbit Flex 2 Activity Tracker (also counts swim laps, a $60 value)

We're purchasing all three at a deep discount by Best Buy, thanks to the efforts of Suzanne Carlson (Jaelle’s mom).

And here are the top six leaders so far, based on on-line and check contributions to date:



Total to Date

Aspen Wendt

Challenge Competitive


Deniz Atay

Senior I


Rowdy Robinson

Development II


Aspen Shelton

Senior I


Ethan Shelton

Challenge Competitive


Jim Steffenson



Think you can get into the top three and get a super-cool lap counter?  Just one week left!  Contributions should all be in before Thanksgiving, and we’ll announce the winners when we come back from our break.

Which Coaching Group Will Win the Pizza Party?

The coaching group with the top average per swimmer gets an age-appropriate (that’s for you, Masters Swimmers) pizza party (and, presumably, a night off practice).  Right now, Ron’s groups are leading by a large margin.  One-third of his swimmers already show active fundraising efforts, for an overall average per swimmer of about $136 per swimmer. That’s a great start, but it will go up significantly if everyone at least contributes the $150 minimum.

Corporate Sponsors

We’re collecting a nice list of corporate sponsors this year, all of whom have given money or committed goods or services to help the team.  Here’s what we have so far:

Platinum Sponsors ($1000 or more)

Southwest Nissan (Aspen and Ethan Shelton)

Gold Sponsors ($500 to $999)

Titan Quality Power Services (Parker Hancock)
Maine Bunk Beds (Jim Steffenson)

Silver Level ($300-$499)

Blue Mesa (Jaelle Carlson)
CBIZ, Inc. (Garin Kelley)

Bronze Level ($150-$299)

Domino’s Pizza (Jaelle Carlson)
Best Buy (Jaelle Carlson)

Do you have a business that you would like to advertise to FAST families, or to the Fort Worth community with a logo on the commemorative T-Shirt?  Donate in your business’s name, and advertise while helping us reach our goal!  More information about corporate giving levels is available here

Volunteer Signup

And don’t forget about volunteer sign-ups, available here.  Our main needs are for lap counters, for folks to bring desserts, and folks to check in donations. 

Questions about a volunteer job?  See Wendy Valenzuela or me at the pool this week. 

Swimmer Minimums

Don't forget, we do enforce minimum giving requirements.  If you don't meet the minimum ($150 for age group swimmers, $100 for Masters), your account will be billed for the difference.  

Please give to at least your minimum!  Aim for that swanky yard sign!  (Amd more importantly, GIVE so that you can treat the gift as a charitable deduction on your taxes!  We are a 501(c)(3) organizaiton, after all.)