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Classes held often. Please contact us

Ever wonder what it is like to be part of the show, right in the middle of it all, seeing things and other officials, making great friends from all over the country ? By becoming a certified YMCA / USA official you will find this out. Not only will you find out, but you will be doing a important task of helping to make keep all competitors on the same [ fair play concept ]. You will also get the BEST seat in the house, to be on the deck and watch your own child swim for a personal best time !
[ How COOL is that ? ] This is also a great way to serve your club hours. You are there to watch your kid [s] anyway, so be apart of it with them. All of the coaches and athletes very much appreciate it. Not to worry, you won’t be put out on your own, there is a apprenticeship you will do first. You will shadow a seasoned official to see and observe the aspects of becoming a good official. Also you do not have to work at every meet, but we will never send you away if your there. However we would want you to work at our dual meets, as many as you can, and our team hosted meets, there are three. There are training classes coming up and will be posted on this site as soon as they come out. For any information or to sign up contact HACY officials coordinator: Gary Thayer.

YMCA New Jersey 2017-2018 tentative officials clinic schedule click  here (updated 9-16-17)

2017-2018  clinic schedule. This is a initial schedule, as more become scheduled I will post them. PLEASE READ the following and make sure you understand the NEW procedure. To attend a clinic, the attendee MUST contact the clinic instructor PRIOR to the clinic. The participants will have to register on-line, and need information from the clinic instructor on how to do so. [ if you see a clinic that fits your schedule sign up soon , don’t wait. Classes fill fast and I do not know when and where new clinics will be as of now. ]  Gary Thayer  - HACY Officials representative

Meet Admin training

HACY needs meet administrators to help run our computer during meets.

Any interested parent who would like to be trained and attend a clinic contact Gary Thayer