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Poppy Meet Report

November 10, 2017

65 Silver Tide swimmers were in action last weekend at the 29th Annual Poppy Invitational. This is the first of three hosted Silver Tide meets. The competition saw over 485 swimmers from Northern Alberta. For some this was an introduction to a competitive swim meet format and for others it was a chance to test their training and assess what needs to be improved upon going forward.  As a team, Silver Tide had 304 best times out of 377- (80%) and total time dropped, measured in jelly beans per second was 2045.94.

Silver Tide Swimmers were on their game this weekend.  Thank you to the parents who gave their time and effort to make this event fun and rewarding for the swimmers.

 Below is a summary of some impressive performances and improvements.

1 Club Record  in was broken by two swimmers in the same heat!

Girls 11-12 50 Fly

  • Olivia Reich went under the old record of 31.87 (by Kim Kabesh in 2000) going 31.60.
  • Kamryn Cannings just out touched Olivia Reich with a new club record of 31.57! Wow to both Olivia and Kamryn. Congratulations to Kamryn on the new club record!

Eight Silver Tide swimmers qualified for the Provincial Championships in new events or for the first time. A huge congrats to:

  • Nova Land- 100 Back
  • Deneaka Chamczuk-200 IM
  • Parker Mackenzie- 100 Back
  • Kaycee Cannings – 50 Fly
  • Makenna Larsen- 200 IM,100 Fly
  • Eli Betser- 50 Back, 50 Free
  • Zenon Kulas- 50 Free
  • Mathew Smith- 50 Free


The yellow group had 10 swimmers attend the Poppy meet. Collectively they took off 298.6 seconds. For 8 of these swimmers it was their first meet as competitive swimmers and they did absolutely fantastic.

First Ever Swim Meet as a Competitive Swimmer, time dropped from time trials:

  • Zachary Jordan- 100.15
  • Sadie Vriens- 83.37
  • Jax Lund- 44.9 seconds
  • Owen Cortes – 37.71
  • Taryn Shalapay- 27.93
  • Carmen Duffee- 2.79
  • Dan Betser
  • Hayden LeBlanc

First 100 Meter Race

  • Thomas Quigg (Breast)

100% Best Times 

  • Dan Betser
  • Owen Cortes
  • Zachary Jordan
  • Hayden LeBlanc
  • Jax Lund
  • Sadie Vriens

Top 3 Time Drops

1.Zachary Jordan (100.15)

2.Sadie Vriens (83.37)

3.Jax Lund (44.90)


The Green group should be proud of the hard work put in so far this season!! They have been working diligently on performing each stroke legally. This work is paying off as there were only 3 DQs the whole meet!!! The Green group dropped 274.81 seconds and had 71% best times. This was the first swim meet for 4 of our swimmers.

100 % Best times

  • Mathiew De Sousa – had 7 best times in 7 events dropping 53.49 seconds. He finished 2nd in 1 event, 3rd in 3 events and 7th in one event.
  • Joe Rusnak  - Dropped 41.07 seconds and had 4 best times in 4 events.
  • Jordan Deacon – 5 best times in 5 events in her first swim meet.

Top 8 finishes

  • Katelyn Bayley – One 2nd place, One 4th place, one 5th place and one 8th place finish.
  • Nova Land – Placed 5th in one event, 6th in 2 events and she made the provincial time in 100 back!
  • Ethan Sand – In his first meet he placed 2nd in 1 event and 7th in 1 event.

Big Time drops by seconds:

Salix Hammer – 5 best times in 6 event dropping 63.87 seconds.

Jaslyn Cyca-Loree – 5 best times in 7 events dropping 63.28 second


The White group had a stellar 90% best times and dropped 1067.65 seconds!

100% Best Times and time dropped:

  • Deneaka Chamczuk- 96.23, 1 Provincial Qualifying time.
  • Parker Mackenzie-10.28, 1 Provincial Qualifying time.
  • Lara Wuetherick- 88.03
  • Magen Arcand- 63.08
  • Hailey Robinson- 45.58
  • Ivy Li- 36.5
  • Hattie Henninger- 7.29
  • Tatum Allan-Vanderveen- 4.11

Swimmers with huge time drops in seconds:

  • Edita Mackay- 6 Best times and a Jelly Bean windfall of 114.35.
  • Eli Betser- 6 Best times, 2 Provincial Qualifying times, 42.5 seconds.
  • Zenon Kulas- 6 best times, 76.84, 1 New Provincial Qualifying time.
  • Jessica Ziegler- 6 best times, 87.2.
  • Henry Mackay- 6 Best times- 85.6
  • Jenna Bayley- 6 best times, 31.06.
  • Rachel Kurylo- 5 best times, 61.02.
  • Ron Betser- 5 best times, 48.39.
  • Sasha Rogers- 6 best times 47.31 seconds.
  • Jacob Konbedjian- 6 Best times, 42.31
  • Sydney Jordan- 6 best times, 8.53.
  • Kaidyn Dean- 3 best times, .86

Congratulations to Eli, Deneaka, Zenon and Parker on qualifying for Provincials! 

Silver and Black

Swam 87 best times out of 116 swims for a best time percentage rate of 75%.  A total of 355.53 seconds

100 % best times and Seconds dropped :

  • Abbey Browne-  50.7 seconds.
  • Sienna Cyca-Loree- 42.07- Still rehabilitating from an injury!
  • Kaycee Cannings-  24.98- New Provincial Champ Qualifier.
  • Makenna Larsen-  22.49- New Provincial Qualifier.
  • Olivia Reich  19.17 seconds.
  • Kamryn Cannings-1 club record, 14.55 seconds  and some solid Oleksiak racing tactics.
  • Tyler Larsen- 17.14

Big Time drops were realized by many in the group along with some excellent swimming and team spirit:

  • Lauren Murie- 3 best times dropping 60.81
  • Jack Macarthur- 5 best times losing 27.55 second showing his hard work paying off.
  • Emmett Geraldes- 5 best times, 11.92 seconds
  • Evan Wuetherick- 6 best times, 14.46 seconds.
  • Casara Holm- Three  1st places, two 2nd places,  one 3rd place finish.
  • Mathew Smith- 6 best times, 5 2nd place finishes, 1 Provincial qualifying time in the 50 Free.
  • Carley Allerston- 6 best times and an amazing 13.01 seconds off her 400 free.
  • Myah Bots- 3 best times, 16.69 seconds, amazing team spirit and sportsmanship.
  • Dominic Apel- 3 best times, 5.34.
  • Kalena Elfstead- 2 best times and 2.44 seconds.

Once again the Silver and Black groups did an excellent job of leading the team in activation and leading team cheering.  Thank you for your leadership and team spirit.  It is so rewarding to see you improve your swimming and enjoy the sport with your friends and team mates. 

Next up for Silver Tide is the Marlin Marquee meet in Medicine Hat Nov 18-19. Swimmers will also be at the OSC 10 & Under meet in St.Albert November 18.  In December we have swimmers at the Candy Cane Invitational and the JP Fiset Invitational. Congratulations on a job well done so far this season! Best of luck as we prepare for our next meets.

Go Tide Go.