SIGMA Team Newsletter - 11/13
SIGMA Team Newsletter - 11/13
Hi Sigma Families,

These are your weekly announcements:

John Wooden - A Lifetime of Observations

  • The Glory Is In Getting There
    • When people ask me now if I miss coaching UCLA basketball games, the national championships, the attention, the trophies, and everything that goes with them, I tell them this: I miss the practices.
    • I don't miss the games or the tournaments or all the other folderol. As Robert Louis Stevenson wrote, "It is better to travel hopefully than arrive." I tried to do that.
    • It's the practices I miss most even now.


Coach Bekah's Weekly Nutrition Tip

  • Here's this week's Nutrition Label tip: 
    • Sugar
      • Sugar should be avoided at all costs
      • Natural sugars, found in things like fruits, are okay and good sources of immediate energy

Coach Perry's Adult Beginner Swim Tips 

  • For our adults in our learn-to-swim program, you can learn even more by watching some swimming videos. Coach Perry will be recommending one or two each week. Below is this week's video:

Training Tips for Top Performance in Practice and Race Day 

Good and Fun Reads


Happy Sigma Birthdays (Last and This Week)
  • Stanley Wood (5), Ava Luong (11), Reagan Nickerson (11), Mackenzie Cech (8), Brooklynn Hill (6), Ashlyn Florence (17), Stella Hernandez (7), Lilian Keller (7), Makayla McReynolds (7), Bristol Putney (15), Jackson Samuels (8), Nathalie Williamson (6), Alexander Barraclough (5), Daniel Barraclough (5), Ciro Cabal (6), Ryan Luong (13), Vivvian Siao (68), Cody Vierkant (6), Mary Fahy (11), Sophie Speck (8)
Have a great week everyone!
Andrew and The Sigma Coaches