Haney PASS Meet Write Up

Haney PASS Meet November 12, 2017 write up

The Knights brought a contingent of 29 little warriors to compete at the second PASS meet of the year. The pool at Haney, overflowed as soon as the warm up started! Lanes being very narrow, it was crowded!

The meet started with the 100 and 200 IM. Cindy, Emerson, Seoyeong and Selina swam a strong 100 and Alissa a great 200. Both Mandy and Anisha met the LMR standard and will now compete at the LMR level. Congratulations!

The next race was the 50 free. Cindy, Raneem, Nandika, Ryan, Damian, Andy, Emerson, Alissa and Mandy really pushed hard and swam fast!  It was followed by the 50 breast. Raneem, Cindy, Seoyeong, Andy again pushed themselves beyond their comfort zone.

The last races were the 100 and 200 free. Sahana and Nandika, for whom it was their first swim meet ever swam very good! Cindy, Ryan, Damian, Akshay and Emerson were impressive with their efforts! Sarina stood out when she decided to speed up on her last 25 to catch up to her competitors! In the 200, Alissa, Andy and Mandy raced without caring about how tired they were!

It’s also important to mention how Alissa continuously cheered for all the SKSC swimmers! That makes a difference. Good job Alissa!

And finally the winners of the Skittle cups were announced. Interestingly, the swimmers who won and those who received a notable mention made it clear during the course of the meet that they were in the meet to get the cup! And as one said: “It’s not the plastic trophy that I want, it’s the honor of winning it that’s important to me!”

The notable mentions were: Ryan, Akshay, Damian, Emerson, Alissa, Seoyeoung, Cindy and Raneem. The winners of the second Skittle cups of the year were Andy and Mandy!!!

Congratulations to all our Knights and let’s get back to the grind so that we can be even better on Saturday December 9 for our next PASS meet.