Fund raising opportunities with your every day purchases

Hello SWAT families,

We sent out this information in November, and have had time for some of the first quarterly reports of donations to the team to come back in.  Please take some time to link your Fred Meyers Rewards cards to Spokane Waves, link, book hotels for away meets or make purchases through FlipGive, and when you need swim gear, purchase through the SwimOutlet Affliliate link on the website.  We have only had a small number of families (6)  take time to enroll through these program and could really use this support to collect team funds with your day to day purchases!  We can really use these funds to replace needed training equipment!!  Imagine what we can accomplish if we all take a little time to enroll!

Did you know that you can help support the Spokane Waves while you grocery shop, buy gifts online in preparation for the holidays, or book travel for away swim meets?  The SWAT Board has put together an informational document to explain how to link to 4 different programs that donate proceeds to the Spokane Waves, all by making your every day purchases on-line or at selected retailers.  Please take some time to look through the information, sign up, as well as share the information with family and friends.  The more participants we can engage, the more success we will have supporting the Spokane Waves swimmers!  Go Waves!

Fundraising program instructions