Wave November Mini Meet Recap

Wave November Mini Meet Recap


Great meet over the weekend with lots of best times. We did have a lot more athletes at this meet than we normally have at our Mini Meets- almost 130 were there competing, but the number of new best times was really awesome.


The following athletes made their first PNS Gold time, making them eligible for the AGI Meet this coming weekend (November 18-19):

Mia Bancroft (9) 50 Fly and 50 Breast

Lindsey Giesen (9, already had 50 Free) 50 Fly and 50 Back

Tyler Zhang (11) 50 Breast

Priyanka Kudallur (10) 50 Fly

Vincent Ngo (12) 50 Breast

Dylan Vu (9) 50 Back

Josh Wu (11) 50 Back and 50 Breast


The following athletes made new USA Swimming Motivational Times:

Mia Bancroft (9) BB 50 Breast

Anton Chebotaryov (10) B 50 Breast

Aarohi Gandhi (9) B 50 Free

Khanak Jain (10) B 50 Back, B 50 Breast

Nikhil Kadam (10) B 50 Back

Maddy Kelly (10) B 50 Breast

Samyuktha Krishnan (10) B 50 Free

Kyle Li (10) B 50 Back

Aneesh Managuli (10) B 50 Fly, B 50 Free

Mehek Mathur (10) B 50 Back

Zoe Meyer (11) B 50 Free

Armaan Mohapatra (10) B 50 Back

Vincent Ngo (12) B 50 Free

Parthiv Sravanan (9) B 50 Back

Dylan Vu (9) BB 50 Back

Josh Wu (11) B 50 Back

Tyler Zhang (11) B 50 Free


Some highlights from the practice groups:

Explore 1/JAC

Nimi Oladosu had a nice meet completing all of her event legally and dropping time in two of them including a 12 second time drop in her 25 Fly


Explore 1/Willows

Lauren Hizzey completed all three races legally; first time for her 25 Fly and 25 Breast. Lauren also dropped over 2 seconds in her 25 Free


Explore 2/JAC

Skyler Cheng and Bailey Tang both dropped significant time in all three races.


Explore 2/Willows

Darren Lee , Nicole Tanto and Lina Wu all dropped time in all three races. Darren finished 3rd in the 25 Breast.


Challenge 1/JAC

Neha Phatak had a really nice meet with big time drops in all three of her races.


Challenge 1/RAC

Tanay Boda looked vastly improved which showed up on the scoreboard in his 50 Free where he dropped 8 seconds.


Challenge 2/JAC

Matthew Choy and Kevin Ni both finished in the top 3 in each of their events. Zoe Piepkorn won the 25 Free, and Polina Stremiakova won the 25 Fly


Challenge 2/RAC

Mia Bancroft and Simone Boczar finished top 3 in all three of their races. Maddy Kelly won the 50 Back. Ani Purkayastha won the 25 Breast. Dylan Vu won the 50 Back. Daniel Xia won both the 25 Breast and 25 Fly as well as finishing 2nd in the 25 Free.


Achieve 1/JAC

Pratyush Kore swam all best times including a 15 second drop in his 50 Back


Achieve 1/RAC

Aanika Nakra had a really nice meet with all best times and a great swim in her 50 Free


Achieve 2/JAC

Lindsey Giesen , Aneesh Managuli, Zoe Meyer, Vincent Ngo and Tyler Zhang were all 100% new best times. Aneesh finished first in all three of his races.


Achieve 2/RAC

Luke Barnett , Sanjana Desai, Priyanka Kudallur, Tor Nelson and Josh Wu were all 100% new best times. Bianca Lungu finished first in all three of her races.


You can see the Meet Results here:


You can see the Athlete Improvement Report here: