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Family Commitment Update

Family commitment update: (does not apply to mini-jets)

Now that everyone has had the opportunity to attend at least one swim meet you see the amount of volunteer commitment it takes to make swim meets happen. Very shortly we will be hosting our first meet of the season. Thanks to everyone who has signed up to help. We couldn't do it without you. This will qualify as your family commitment for the first half of the year. For those of you who didn't get a chance to help with this meet we have another one coming up on Janaury 28th. That can also count towards your family commitment for the first half of the year. Thanks also to those who have been helping with bingos and other fundraising activities.  We have a bottle drive being planned for after the Christmas holidays. We will need a couple of people (preferably someone with a truck or van) to assist with that fundraiser. Please contact me if you are interested to help with that as your family commitment. 

If you are interested in helping with officiating but don't know how, watch for upcoming announcements about training sessions for officials, look under the officials tab on our website or contact us at

If you are interested in helping with bingo you need to attend training at the Cambridge bingo centre first. Register online at Please let me know once you have been trained and we will add you to the list of people we contact when bingo openings become available. 

February 1st begins the second half of our family commitment cycle and we will ask you to do another acitivty between February 1st and the end of the June. Family commitments completed during the summer (eg. bingo in July or August) can count towards family commitment for the year preceding or following the activity.

Donna Gill