Thanksgiving Message & Workout

 “It is not happy people who are thankful. It is thankful people who are happy.” unknown

Thanksgiving Message from the Coaches

We would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and tell you how appreictive we are for the incredible opportunity we have that combines a vocation with a passion. 

When we tell parents that we have swim practice on Thanksgiving morning, most people’s response is the same, “you make people train on Thanksgiving”, or “why would anyone want to practice on Thanksgiving? or, “you have to work on a holiday?”  To the contrary, it is one of the most positive and inspiring workouts of the year.  After a team meeting with a few inspirational articles, and college swimmer introductions, we had 75 swimmers in the pool and swam over 7,000 yards in our typical holiday “theme” fashion.  It was a workout that replicated a Thanksgiving meal (see attached workout) and although we got a few “I’m not hungries,” the kids did a great job.  I am not sure how many teenagers find themselves training hard with an extraordinary group of dedicated, high-character peers on a holiday morning, but I can assure you there is nothing negative about it.  I would also suggest that if any of those parents that question “training” on Thanksgiving could see our group and our environment, they would unquestionably want their children to be a part of it.

We cannot tell you how rewarding it is to see all of the college swimmers return.  We had nearly twenty-five at practice with other alumni that stopped by.  We assured them that they are not just swimmers, they are extraordinary examples of student-athletes at the highest level and great role models.  While we always look for success in the pool, it is our sincere hope that what these swimmers become outside of the pool ultimately defines their experience, their success, and who they are as people.

At this time of giving thanks, we thank our swimmers not only for their commitment to the sport, but also for their commitment to the team, to our culture, and to something outside of themselves.  We would also like to thank the parents for your support of Orinda Aquatics and of your children to be student-athletes at this level.  On a day of thanks, you are at the top of the list!

And for us personally, we could not be more grateful for this incredible opportunity that we have.  Our passion and life dream is also our career.  And in our nearly forty years of coaching, we have never referred to it as “work.”  What makes it so rewarding is not the success achieved but the daily interaction with these extraordinary young adults and the great team environment they create.


With sincere gratitude,

Donnie, Ronnie, Matt, Marc, Matt & Jill


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