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Solid Mid Season Swimming at the Suzy Gavars Memorial Meet

Solid Mid Season Swimming at the Suzy Gavars Memorial Meet

130 BSC Teammates swam at the Suzy Gavars Memorial Meet. The event was a huge success with 800 athletes attending the competition. This was a great mid-season test against some pretty good competition. We have just a few short weeks until the Eligin and Waukesha Meets, lets stay focused and working hard to show our best improvement of the season going into the Back Half.


By the numbers here is how our Best Times and Attendance was leading up to the meet. Remember we are looking for a minimum of 80% attendance.

All BSC Swimmers: Best Times: 497/756 = 65.7%

Seniors-Boys: Practice Attendance: 70% Best Times: 50/78 = 64.1%

Juniors: Practice Attendance: 54% Best Times: 38/64 = 59.4%

Mavericks: Practice Attendance: 74% Best Times: 57/90 = 63.3%

Mustangs: Practice Attendance: 58% Best Times: 117/182 = 64.3%

Ponies: Practice Attendance: 61% Best Times: 157/220 = 71.4%

Colts: Practice Attendance: 69% Best Times: 66/85 = 77.6%

Developmental: Practice Attendance: 60% Best Times: 5/11 = 45.5%


The Following Teammates Swam 100% Best Times

David Basa, Isabella Blaha, Riley Brown, Connor Bruns, Elkey Cannon, Chris Chien, Jasmine Clark, Jayden Clark, Eric Ding, Dan Emary, Charlie Farmer, Charlie Fleming, John Fleming, Ayaush Gade, Lauren Holman, Aiden Kaganovsky, Brady Meier, Drew Meier, Savanna Miller, Alyssa Molinaro, Will Monk, Tarah Muldoon, Ellie Ragnini, Anna Rizvi, Aidan Roth, Carly Schneider, Eric Shpigelskiy, Michael Sun, Jacob Tecza, Kevin Tecza, Henry Wollack


The Following Teammates Swam a Regional of Championship Time

Rylan Anselm, Judd Baron, David Basa, Sam Burrell, Addisyn Donfris, Caileigh Edstrom, Joey Edstrom, Dan Emary, Steven Fischer, Olivia Gawronski, Mady Gomez, Dylan Guo, Wil Guo, Lauren Holman, Hanna Hissa, Jack Hoppe, Daryl Kay, Jenna Kerr, Adam Krieps, Dan Langlois, Jake Lee, Cade Miller, Alyssa Molinaro, Griffin O'Leary, Eric Pan, Maria Pritchett, Lily Reader, Ben Rocks, Rebecca Rocks, Liam Rorison, Aidan Roth, Jack Streeter, Brian Trees,


Here are some things we did well

  1. Work Works—Watching the senior boys dominate the competition this past weekend was AWESOME. What made it awesome was knowing the hard work that went into those swims. Race after race watching those teammates make Senior Champ, Summer Sectional qualifying times or nearly missing a Futures time was. They came together as a team and made a commitment to do the work required to reach their goals—AWESOME!

  2. Technical Improvement—I loved seeing some of the technical improvements we have been working on this fall. Our underwaters are continually getting better. Our distance per stroke efficiency was greatly improved. Colts and Ponies stroke are getting way better. This was great execution of what we do every day in practice-GREAT JOB!

  3. Be The Best Teammate You Can Be—It was awesome to see a lot of cheering for each other! It was great to see shaking hands and good sportsmanship after each race. It was great to see the fun everyone was having between events. This is a Team effort that requires caring about each other as well as caring about the results we are getting!


Here are some things we need to work on

1. Take time to think about why things are the way they are-- It's important after both “good swims” and “bad swims” you take a good hard look into the mirror and ask yourself what happened. This is an important step in taking ownership over your own swimming. If you swam well; knowing what you did to get there will help you to stay on task in practice. If you didn't quite reach your goal this self evaluation will allow you to be honest with yourself about: attendance, attitude, effort, and technique that may have contributed to falling short.

2. Swim Fast in Practice-- Wanna swim fast in meets? Swim fast in practice! Colts, Ponies, and Mustangs should be able to swim right at your best time all the time in practice. It is really important that you reach race pace, with proper technique, as often as you can. I want to catch more of this going on every practice every day. The results will be dramatic and satisfying.