Update on applicant times


Hello Team Ohio All Star applicants


The times and events that have been submitted for consideration for the 2018 as of November 26, 2017 have been reviewed.  Times that have been verified in the USA Swimming SWIMS database from the qualifying period have been marked as ‘approved”.  Times that could not be verified in the USA SWIMS database have been temporarily marked as “rejected”.  Many of these times couldn’t be verified because the times have not yet been processed by the LSC.  Please do not panic if you see that one of your swimmer’s times has been “rejected” – this is simply my way of keeping track of times that need to be verified at a later date.  Once the meet information is processed by the LSC permanent office, I will go back and “approve” times provided that they conform to the qualifying criteria. 


Some applicants don’t have any events selected.  Please be sure to select the events that you would like to be considered for by clicking the “edit commitment” tab and then selecting events. 


Thank you


Bill Bare

Team Ohio Coordinator