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IMPORTANT NOTICE: (11/27) a request from West Genesee High School

To All CSCI Parents and Swimmers:

I met this afternoon with a number of representatives from the West Genesee High School, including Buildings and Grounds, Maintenance and also a Town of Camillus representative.  The high school administration requested the meeting to communicate the important reminder to keep ALL FOOD and/or BEVERAGE off the pool deck.

As most of us recall, getting the new pool decking surface just right has been a work in say the least.  Everyone seems pleased with the new deck surface and the WG Wildcats insignia is a cool feature.  No slipping.  No sliding.  No cracked heads. All good stuff.

Some of you may have noticed a yellowing discoloration on the decking material.   The WGHS Building and Grounds folks are all over it and in good communication working with the manufacturer on how best to clean the surface.  Because of the permeable, sponge-like nature of the surface, FOOD and DRINK spills are a real problem.  Coffee spilled on the deck if not treated within the first five minutes creates a stain.  We don’t know if this is permanent or not.

The request from the school is to PLEASE ENFORCE THE NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED ON DECK POLICY.  Water bottles are allowed.  This applies to MEETS and PRACTICES or really anytime you are on the pool deck.

The maintenance staff also requested I share with all our Club members how much they really do enjoy having us at the pool.  They seem to love our kids and are looking out for their best interests.   They did share reports of increased horseplay in both the bathrooms, and particularly the girls!  We have learned from experience that ALL LOCKER ROOMS are a potential source of concern.  It is worth having a conversation with each of your swimmers and remind them to be respectful, mindful and if there are any concerns - bullying, an annoyance or anything to cause a concern to reach out to a coach, parent or board member.

LASTLY – wear shoes!!! Running in and out from the pool area to the locker rooms can cause someone to slip or slide on the wet surface of the hallway.

It is worth remembering we are GUESTS of the High School and have a responsibility to treat their property like our own. For the most part, we DO THIS VERY WELL, but a reminder is always helpful.


Thank you.


Ted Smith

CSCI President

CC:  West Genesee High School

        Town of Camillus