SIGMA Team Newsletter - 11/28
SIGMA Team Newsletter - 11/28
Hi Sigma Families,

These are your weekly announcements:

John Wooden - A Lifetime of Observations

  • Family First
    • This may seem like false modesty, but it isn't intended to be. I am happy my teams at UCLA and elsewhere did well and we earned a measure of recognition. But all of that is nothing compared to my family. All that love is immeasurable.
    • Your family is what counts, and you must always remember that as you get caught up in your own professional responsibilities.
    • I'm very proud of the fact that while all the records were being set at UCLA by our basketball teams, I felt exactly the same way. Family is first. Always. Always.



Coach Bekah's Weekly Nutrition Tip

  • Here's this week's Nutrition Label tip: 
      • Ingredients are listed by predominance of weight in descending order
      • If it says “Partially Hydrogenated” ANYTHING: oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame oil…DO NOT BUY IT. It has trans-saturated fatty acids. EVEN if it says 0 grams trans-fat, it may still have 1-5 grams trans-fat per serving. Companies may put 0 grams if it has 5 grams or less!
      • High fructose corn syrup is also something that should be avoided. DO NOT BUY products with this ingredient

Coach Perry's Adult Beginner Swim Tips 

  • For our adults in our learn-to-swim program, you can learn even more by watching some swimming videos. Coach Perry will be recommending one or two each week. Below is this week's video:

Training Tips for Top Performance in Practice and Race Day 

Good and Fun Reads


Happy Sigma Birthdays
  • Kameron Bustillos (12), Joaquin Barbee-Estrada (6), Lily Windegardner (12), Elianna Iguaran (15), Burkley Massey (7), Jessica Soto (30), Aidan Havas (10), Mikaela Martinez (5), Nevaeh Gonzalez (11), Wyatt Stewart (11), BreAnn Jones (14), Zoe Adama (16), Lily Moore (14), Ruby Moore (10), Kyla Payne (9)
Have a great week everyone!
Andrew and The Sigma Coaches