Strong Showing From COBRA's Young Swimmers

Strong Showing from COBRA's Young Swimmers!

COBRA Swim Club hosted the 2017 Poppy Meet at the McMurchy Pool, November 19. We hosted Mississauga Swimming Club for the first time this season. The turn out was great, the energy was electrifying and the swimmers put on an fantastic performance! A special thank you goes out to the officials and COBRA parents for taking the time to help organise and run a successful event. From the results, it shows that our swimmers were ready to compete and showed professionalism and curtesy to our guests on and off the deck. Some notable results coming in top 3, in multiple heats include the following swimmers:

Clarke, Owen R (8 and under: 25M Backstroke, 25M Freestyle, 50M Freestyle)

Dinglasan, Autumn (8 and under: 25M Backstroke, 25M Freestyle)

Kalverda, Skylar (8 and under: 25M Backstroke, 25M Freestyle, 50M Breaststroke, 50M Freestyle)

Cai, Emma (9yo: 50M Butterfly, 50M Freestyle)

Dhillon, Tanisha K (9yo: 25M Backstroke, 25M Freestyle)

Luu, Kenny (9yo: 25M Backstroke, 25M Freestyle, 50M Breaststroke, 50M Freestyle)

Vigneault, Nathan B (9yo: 25M Backstroke, 50M Freestyle)

Lampitt, Annabeth J (10yo: 25M Butterfly, 25M Backstroke)

Acosta, Ysabelle (11yo: 50M Butterfly, 50M freestyle, 50M Backstroke, 100M Freestyle)

Huang, Viho (11yo: 25M Butterfly, 25M Backstroke)

Kemkar, Kushal (11yo: 50M Butterfly, 50M Breaststroke, 50M Freestyle, 100M Freestyle)

Safaoui, Noah (11yo: 50M Freestyle, 50M Butterfly, 100M Freestyle)

Grewal, Gunika K (12yo: 50M Butterfly, 50M Backstroke, 50M Freestyle, 100M Freestyle)

Blunt, Mike E (12yo: 50M Butterfly, 50M freestyle, 100M Freestyle)

Chau, Mattew K (12yo: 50M Breaststroke, 50M Freestyle, 100M Freestyle)

Keenes, Jason K(12yo: 50M breaststroke, 100M Freestyle)  

Wasif, Muhammad (12yo: 25M Butterfly, 25M Backstroke)

Sidhu, Harsheit S ( 13yo: 50M Butterfly, 50M breaststroke, 50M freestyle, 100M Freestyle)

 Great job Cobra Swimmers, see you all at the next Meet! “I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.” – Michael Phelps


Submitted by Sunny