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TAC Weekly Letter

Quote for the week:

"Successful people use their strength by recognizing, developing and utilizing the talents of others."

~Zig Ziglar


Your 2018 board members:


President: Laurie Bergvall

Phone: 360-333-2052

Email: lauriebergvall@gmail.com


Vice President: Niabi Drew

Phone: 360-914-8132

Email: ethernuts@gmail.com


Treasurer: Rob Hoxie

Phone: 360-299-9218

Email: mapmanrob@hotmail.com



Secretary: Lissa Snowman

Phone: 206-234-5510

Email: lissasnowman@hotmail.com


Parent Rep: Elton Erickson

Phone: 360-610-9354

Email: eltonerickson1974@gmail.com


Parent Rep: Silvy Yamazaki

Phone: 408-688-6080

Email: syamasj@aol.com


Parent Rep: Monica Harris

Phone: 360-421-1497

Email: monicacharris2@msn.com


No Saturday Practice

We have two meets this weekend Husky and Divisionals, so everyone is at a swim meet. No Saturday practice.


Divisionals timeline and meet information  

Attached is the timeline for the meet and the meet information with directions. Please remember the 11 and overs swim prelims in the morning and than finals after the 10 and unders.


If you make finals I would encourage you to stick around and swim them. Having a second swim is a special moment and finals are a lot of fun, filled with excitement and some special swims.


If for some reason you can?t come back to finals you must communicate with Jillian or Calvin before you leave.  


Christmas Schedule and upcoming Home Meet

This is crazy but Christmas is not too far away and neither is our January home meet. So I want to get you guys thinking about this now, so it doesn?t surprise you or me.


In December we have Divisional Champs(this weekend), Husky(this weekend), PNS Champs(8-10). After the 10th we have two weeks of training before going on a break for Christmas.


This year we will have no practice starting Friday the 22nd through Monday the 1st.Usually I like to get about a week of training during the Christmas break but the Anacortes school district made that tough. Their break is the 20th to the 2nd, kind of in the middle of two weeks.


The pool will be open when TAC is not swimming and I would encourage you to come and swim. TAC swimmers are able to lap swim for free.


Also I would really encourage you to make as many practices as you can, 15th to the 21st so that you are ready for the TAC meet on the 6thand 7th. That?s right we have a home TAC meet the weekend after New Year, so lets kick 2018 off with some fast swimming.


Recap: December 21st will be the last day in December for TAC practice, January 2nd we will have normal practice start again.


Please don?t idle in the parking lot

As it gets darker please don?t idle or park in front of the doors blocking the parking lot.


Upcoming meets

Husky Invite December 1st, 2nd and 3rd, it is a very fast meet. The team will attend 1 day of the meet, see if we can set some team records, make some final swims and kick some butt. This is mainly for our Senior and Junior groups. The day will be determined by which day we have the most qualified races/relays.


Fall Divisionals December 2nd and 3rd . This is our final swim of the season for all our swimmers who do not have PNS times. The meet will be held in Snohomish, it is a great meet for all our Bronze, Silver and Gold swimmers. Please plan on attending, and lets see a lot of time drops, final swims and lots of excitement into the Holidays.


PNS 14 and Under Champs December 8th, 9th and 10th For all the swimmers with PNS times. If you have time cuts this is the meet where you show off, it is a highlight meet for all 14 and under swimmers with the time cut and TAC does expect swimmers to attend. If you have the time cut make sure the date is clear. The meet is held in Federal Way.         


2017-2018 home meet dates

These are our home meets for this year. Please reserve these dates and keep clear.

Fall Thunderbird October 28th and 29th

January Challenge 6th and 7th

TAC-E March 3rd and 4th

Spring Thunderbird May 18th, 19th and 20th


Order Team Gear Online 

Please note that your team suits are custom embroidered and may not be returned or exchanged so please be sure of your size.

  1. Web page link: http://www.swimmingteams.com/page.php?p=teamlogin
  2. Enter Login ID: thunderbird and Password: aquatics
  3. Follow instructions for checkout. Please note that you still need to complete the "shipping" field by choosing "copy billing info". Also please note that certain items have color options and a place to enter a name for embroidery.
  4. Contact information for any questions you may have:

 Contact Information:                                       
(800)214-6823                              Dan Martin
Tel:(702)696-9290                       360-510-4813
Fax:(702)696-9210                     Email: swimgear@msn.com


Editorial: Sportsmanship should extend to parents

In July of 2000, in an incident that focused widespread attention on the growing problem of parental violence in youth sports, one suburban hockey dad killed another during an argument over rough play involving their 10-year-old sons.

Editorial writers and TV talk shows hosts, psychologists and sports officials urged a stunned nation to make the Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs. Thomas Junta a wake-up call for fanatical parents whose behavior was ruining children?s sports.

The call went unheeded. Sports rage has become increasingly prevalent. In the years since Junta was convicted of involuntary manslaughter, another Massachusetts dad, whose sixth grader?s team had just lost a Catholic League basketball championship, flew into a rage and bit off a piece of the coach?s ear.

In Florida, a coach and father of a player broke a 13-year-old umpire?s jaw at a Little League game. An Arkansas man discharged a gun while chasing a basketball referee. An Oklahoma parent punched a coach in the throat.

And last week in Wilton, a 47-year-old soccer dad was arrested on charges of third-degree assault, third-degree strangulation, second-degree unlawful restraint, and second-degree breach of peace for allegedly choking and striking an assistant coach in a parking lot after a game in which his daughter was involved in a fight. Sadly, it was not an isolated incident, but rather the fourth altercation in recent years involving an out-of-control Wilton parent.

If you think a parent?s bad behavior has no lasting detrimental effect on his kid, consider: The son who watched his father fatally beat the other hockey dad was later charged in a violent home invasion. He died while in police custody.

It is brutally apparent that adult egos, overly aggressive play, and a win-at-all costs mentality have infiltrated youth sports, squeezing out their original intended purpose: Fun. Small wonder 70 percent of kids quit organized sports by age 13.

Years ago, kids rode to games on their bikes. Parents came occasionally, if at all. There were no angry mobs on the sidelines screaming at coaches, opposing players, or each other. Youngsters just learning to play were spared the agony of having their failures scrutinized by the two grown-ups they most wanted to please.

Team sports are good for kids. Student athletes have better grade point averages and higher graduation rates than kids who don?t play sports. They also reap the myriad benefits regular exercise provides, from better concentration to improved memory and mood. Being part of a team helps develop self-esteem and build character. It teaches kids how to make good decisions in a hurry, and how to handle themselves under pressure.

What is not good is the over involvement of belligerent parents who come unhinged at their kids? games.

Some school districts have made student athletes? participation in team sports contingent upon their parents? completion of mandatory training sessions in ethics and sportsmanship. We?d like to see that approach adopted throughout Fairfield County, along with training in violence reduction for coaches, referees and others.

As for parents who can?t watch their kids lose without losing it, do us all a favor.

Stay home.

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