The  GMU aquatics and facilities  staff has asked us to remind our  parents about the George Mason University Aquatics Center bag tag policy.  Please review the information below at your earliest convenience.  This information was also  included in the GMU Policies and Procedures document provided at the start of this season via email.

Bag Tag Policy as provided by GMU aquatics and facilities : 


1. Participants are asked to arrive no more than 15 minutes before practice begins.  


2. Team members and parents with a bag tag will enter and exit through the Swim Team Entry Doors.  


a. Entry through the front doors is limited to those using  spectator seating. 

b. Swimmers are not to go upstairs to exit out the front doors to meet their ride in the front of the building. 


3.  P arents who wish to escort younger swimmers to the locker rooms and/or pool deck must obtain a bag tag from your team representative or coach prior to entering through the swim team entry doors.  Parents need to proceed to spectator seating in the Competition pool for the duration of the practice times or to the bleacher area in the Recreation Pool. 


Please note the following very important Aquatic Center  entry and exit process :  All parents  must enter and exit through the swimmer  entrance  when escorting your swimmer to practice or retrieving them from outside the locker room(s) after practice .   You may not use the inside stairwell before or after practice . A ny parent who would like to escort their child to the pool before practice, or get them in the downstairs hallway after practice must have a bag tag and use the swimmer entrance. 


If you do not have a bag tag, and would like one, you may purchase one from Coach Heather.  These policies are in place to protect your child.  


It is not mandatory that you purchase a bag tag if you prefer to drop off/pick up your child at the swimmer entrance, and you do not need to purchase a bag tag in order to sit in the bleacher area during practices.


Thank you for following the GMU policies and we appreciate your understanding.