SFU-Gators LMR Overview

Burnaby, BC

This past weekend for the Age Group Blue swimmers was fantastic with a majority of the group achieving 100% best times in all their races. The highlight swim of the weekend and taking off over 30 seconds in a single race was Caitlyn Fowler in her 200 free swimming a time of 3:22.7! 


The 11 and under's did a great job to start off day 1 of the swim meet. Caitlyn Fowler swam 200 IM for the first time getting a time of 2:55 while Megan Bonikowsky got a 4 second best time swimming a 3:24.8! 100 backstroke was 100% best times from all the swimmers...SWEET! Brooke Nelson got a best time in her 50 fly with a time of 41.3! Zach McLeod got a 5 second best time in his 50 breastroke and Megan achieving a hard best time winning her a mini chocolate bar, its amazing what a little candy can do for a swimmer. :) The 12 and over session did as equal an impressive job as the morning session. Both Ian and Nadya had some great swims! Ian Hugdahl got a 5 seconds best time in his 100 back while Nadya Stefirta got a best time in her 50 breast with a time of 54 seconds. 


The AGB swimmers brought the hammer down on day 2 with every single race being a best time! Some highlights include Nick Friesen achieving a 35.9 in his 50 free being only 1 second off a tier 1 time! Matt Friesen also got  best time in his 50 free achieving a time of 37.6! Body Iverson dropped 6 seconds in his 200 freestyle with a time of 3:10! Zach McLeod came to win in his 200 freestyle swimming it for the first time ever and getting a time of 3:11.6! Tiffany Ho did an amazing job for her first winter meet ever getting best times in both her 50 free (47 sec) and back (53.7 sec)! Jacob Zabudsky got a best time in his 50 backstroke as well swimming a time of 48.4! Highlights from the 12 and over session include Nadya Stefirta swimming 200IM for the first time ever achieving a time of 3:47.56! Ian Hugdahl got a best time in his 50 free swimming a time of 41.3! 


Overall, the AGB swimmers are continually improving their skills and times thus far and Sophie could not be prouder. The AGB group is an extremely great group of kids with even better swimming! Watch out world, AGB is her to win! #gobananas 


Age Group Gold did absolutely fantastic this past weekend! Too many incredible, jaw-dropping, time-cutting performances from multiple swimmers to count… but we’ll cover the top highlights regardless. Out of 54 total races overall, 47 of them were personal bests and 6 were new Tier I cuts!


On Saturday, all but one swimmer achieved a best time in the 100 Back; the most notable improvements were by Jeremy Slinn who dropped almost 8 full seconds (1:29.79), Sharon Kim who dropped 3 seconds and placed 1st overall (1:21.01), and Matthew Walker who dropped the 3 seconds he needed to get a Tier I time (1:26.75). In the 100 Free, all but two swimmers achieved a best time ! Yinan Zhu improved the most with a 5” drop (1:17.51) while Jenna Tuazon achieved the top fastest times for 11&U in the meet (1:10.85) despite it being an exhibition race. The greatest highlight of both the 11&U and 12&Over sessions, however, were the last few races: the 200 Fly and 400 IM.


On the 11&U side, we had Dylan Bradbury and Jenna both swim the 200 Fly for the first time ever! Dylan set up a best time of 3:29.70, and Jenna achieved a best time and Tier I cut of 3:22.90. Soon after, Sharon, Matthew and Jeremy raced the 400 IM in the same heat and all set up new best times! Sharon and Matthew both achieved Tier I times as well (6:30.26 and 6:44.11, respectively). On the 12&O side, Mei Yang and Cindy Cui both swam 200 Fly for the first time and set up best times of 3:49.08 and 3:35.63, respectively. Isabel Rapier and Yinan also achieved best times by 9 seconds (3:16.74) and 22 seconds (3:16.51), respectively - and both missed the Tier cut by just 1 second. Yinan, Isabel and Cindy placed 1-2-3 overall at the meet! After their races was Chloe Glue’s 400 IM which improved by 6 full seconds from her previous best only two weeks ago at Bennett Cup! I guess having your teammates cheer for you three feet away really helps.


On Sunday, Yinan had the greatest improvement in 100 Breast, dropping over 8 seconds and winning her heat by almost two body lengths (1:35.03)! But she didn’t stop there - her next event was the 100 fly, in which she won first place, dropped 10 whole seconds and just missed her Tier I cut by 0.58” (1:21.83) !! Perhaps it was a good fly day, because Dylan also had a great 100 Fly race, dropping 4” and achieving his first ever Tier I time (1:31.42) ! Other notable improvements were by Isabel and Chloe who both dropped at least 6”.


Other races to highlight that day include Matthew’s 200 Free, which was improved by 10”, helping him achieve another Tier I time (2:38.90) ! Right afterwards, Jenna and Dylan raced the 400 IM in the same heat - Jenna achieved her Tier I cut (6:29.38) with a 10” improvement while Dylan set up his first ever best time of 6:51.50 just missing the Tier I cut by 5”. At the very end of the day, Chloe and Yinan raced side-by-side in the outside lanes of the 200 back and both achieved huge best times by at least 10” (2:55.40 and 2:57.09 respectively) winning 1st and 2nd overall!


Last but certainly not least, we had one swimmer represent the Provincial loud and proud: Jacob Enns. Although he didn’t achieve best times compared to his summer swimming times except the 100 back, he certainly set up some outstanding winter swimming personal bests! His 100 back was the biggest improvement, dropping 2” from this past summer to a 1:17.27. His other notable races were 100Free (1:00.96), 50 Free (27.67), 100 Breast (1:26.48) and 200 IM (2:47.51) - the last three of which were first ever swims with WDSC.


Overall, this was a wonderful and outstanding meet! The AGG swimmers were rewarded with a fun practice on Monday and will continue their hard work for the remaining weeks until winter break so they can achieve even more successes! Keep it up Winskill Dolphins!! Great things are happening so let’s continue the positive progress.




Coach Sophie (AGB) & Coach Vicky (AGG+Prov)