October Board meeting Minutes
The meeting of the Board of Directors of Vicksburg Swim Association was held at Merit Health: River
Region on Sunday, October 1, 2017 at 6p.
Present was: Neil Ferrell, William Butler, Rock Fields, Sheri Wallace, and Karla Cook.
*Minutes were voted and accepted for the month of September with 5 yes/0 no.
*Old Business
*Banquet recap: The banquet that was held on September 24 th was discussed and was deemed
a success!
*5013c status: Sheri Wallace gave a report to the Board with her findings and the discussions
she has been having with the Foundation Group. It was discussed that we would have to look
into revising and rewording our Bylaws and our Parent Handbook. Sheri and Kathy Juve were to
have a teleconference meeting with our person of contact from the Foundation Group in the
next couple of days.
*Dues Structure: Jodi has spent time making a spreadsheet to look at our dues as compared to
other local swim clubs.
*new business
*Halloween Party: it was decided that Mixon would like to do some sort of meet for Halloween
instead of a party mainly considering we just had our end of year banquet. It was all agreed
upon that that would be a better idea.
*GatorBait: it was brought to the Boards attention that we would need to find people to run and
organize Gator Bait for this upcoming year. Heather Butler who has organized in the past has
asked to take time off but has agreed to plan the training trip for the summer.
*Training Trip: Heather Butler has agreed to work and plan this trip.
*Board Committee and appointments: It was voted upon that Karla Cook act as secretary for the
Board. Also discussed having “other committee’s” to handle certain issues within the VSA such
as new parent committee, etc.
*Digital Info: It was discussed that we need to have “digital copies” of all VSA information that
way we have backups to backups and we can easily pass information from past administrations
to new administrations.
*Each Board member filled out and turned in to Sheri non-athlete forms for USA Swimming.
*Officials Clinic: it was discussed to do a new officials clinic for VSA members who are interested
in becoming Officials at swim meets. It is important for us so we can run our own swim meets
without having to invite outside officials. This meeting was placed on the schedule for Thursday,
October 12,2017.
*meeting was then adjourned until next meeting in November.