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Quote for the week:

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

~Marcus Aurelius


Your 2018 board members:


President: Laurie Bergvall

Phone: 360-333-2052

Email: lauriebergvall@gmail.com


Vice President: Niabi Drew

Phone: 360-914-8132

Email: ethernuts@gmail.com


Treasurer: Rob Hoxie

Phone: 360-299-9218

Email: mapmanrob@hotmail.com



Secretary: Lissa Snowman

Phone: 206-234-5510

Email: lissasnowman@hotmail.com


Parent Rep: Elton Erickson

Phone: 360-610-9354

Email: eltonerickson1974@gmail.com


Parent Rep: Silvy Yamazaki

Phone: 408-688-6080

Email: syamasj@aol.com


Parent Rep: Monica Harris

Phone: 360-421-1497

Email: monicacharris2@msn.com


Check out the team feed



I have put some photos and a cool video on there. If you want to see how important a kick out is check out the video.


Yes Saturday Practice

We do have regular practice this Saturday.


Christmas Schedule and upcoming Home Meet

This is crazy but Christmas is not too far away and neither is our January home meet. So I want to get you guys thinking about this now, so it doesnt surprise you or me.


In December we have Divisional Champs(this weekend), Husky(this weekend), PNS Champs(8-10). After the 10th we have two weeks of training before going on a break for Christmas.


This year we will have no practice starting Friday the 22nd through Monday the 1st.Usually I like to get about a week of training during the Christmas break but the Anacortes school district made that tough. Their break is the 20th to the 2nd, kind of in the middle of two weeks.


The pool will be open when TAC is not swimming and I would encourage you to come and swim. TAC swimmers are able to lap swim for free.


Also I would really encourage you to make as many practices as you can, 15th to the 21st so that you are ready for the TAC meet on the 6thand 7th. Thats right we have a home TAC meet the weekend after New Year, so lets kick 2018 off with some fast swimming.


Recap: December 21st will be the last day in December for TAC practice, January 2nd we will have normal practice start again.


Please dont idle in the parking lot

As it gets darker please dont idle or park in front of the doors blocking the parking lot.


2017-2018 home meet dates

These are our home meets for this year. Please reserve these dates and keep clear.

Fall Thunderbird October 28th and 29th

January Challenge 6th and 7th

TAC-E March 3rd and 4th

Spring Thunderbird May 18th, 19th and 20th


Order Team Gear Online 

Please note that your team suits are custom embroidered and may not be returned or exchanged so please be sure of your size.

  1. Web page link: http://www.swimmingteams.com/page.php?p=teamlogin
  2. Enter Login ID: thunderbird and Password: aquatics
  3. Follow instructions for checkout. Please note that you still need to complete the "shipping" field by choosing "copy billing info". Also please note that certain items have color options and a place to enter a name for embroidery.
  4. Contact information for any questions you may have:

 Contact Information:                                       
(800)214-6823                              Dan Martin
Tel:(702)696-9290                       360-510-4813
Fax:(702)696-9210                     Email: swimgear@msn.com


AGI Recap

Sorry it took so long to get to the AGI recap. I plan on keeping it quick and just hitting everyones best swims.


Olyosha Bondar, 100 freestyle, swam it in 57.58, dropping 0.13 seconds and placing 37thoverall.

Maksym Bondar, 50 breaststroke swam it in 30.19, so close to a 29 and dropping 0.11 seconds and 4th overall.

Blair Drew, her best swim came in the 100 IM where she dropped 1.19 seconds and swam it in 1:16.64.

James Drew, in the 200 freestyle he dropped 6.02 seconds and swam the event in 2:00.92 and placed 29th.

Annaly Ellis,  she had a really strong looking swim in the 100 breaststroke dropping 1.46 seconds and placed 27th overall.

Silvia Ellis, she dropped 4.36 seconds in her 100 IM, looking real good in all her strokes, especially her breaststroke.

Jacob Erickson, his best swim came in the 100 freestyle, swimming it in 52.78 and is well on his way to a sub 50 second 100.

Thomas Harris, his 100 freestyle was really good looking, when he dropped 0.72 seconds and stayed strong through out the swim.

Zach Harris, He swam the 200 breaststroke for the second time and dropped 12.86 seconds, making a even better PNS cut and placing 8th.

Logan Horr, He had a strong swim in the 50 free, looking fast with a great kick and strong pull.

Ryan Horr, in his 200 backstroke he went town. Dropping 10 seconds, making a PNS cut and missing a regional cut by only 2 seconds.

Jacob Hoxie, he set a team record in the 200 breaststroke, 2:11.13 previously held by Allen Rozema.

Jake Jennings, loved his 100 IM, dropping 8.58 seconds and looking good in all his strokes, placing 15th overall.

Julia Lisa, she had a smooth looking backstroke, keeping her toes up and head still, she swam it in 46.58

Noah Masten, his big goal is to swim a 200 free under 2 minutes by February. He dropped 8 seconds in the 200 free, swimming it in 2:08.55. He is on his way.

Nathan Mathes, I liked his 200 IM but I always like fast IMs. He dropped 1.28 seconds and placed 11th overall.

Finn McFarland, he crushed the 50 fly, dropping 1.04 seconds, almost under 40 seconds and looking strong.

Emmett Moore, in the 200 backstroke he dropped 00.52, looking really good, especially since he set that time in a really fast pool, tapered and under great conditions. This swim came middle of the season, slow pool and not great conditions.

Brennan Morgenthaler, he swam his 50 backstroke really well, head still, toes up, fast arms and dropping 3.53 seconds.

Beau Omdal, he had a tough one, recovering from sickness he only swam two races but still managed best times. Dropping 1 second in the 200 free, looking pretty good since he could not breath.

Makayla Patrick, she swam a best time in the 100 breaststroke, swimming the event in 1:38.94 and placed 12th

Trey Patrick, he looked really good in the 200 im, dropping 2.91 seconds, placing 10th and swimming some solid 50s stroke.

Persephone Pestar, she almost got her 50 free time under 30 seconds and is starting to look like she is racing.

Noah Rozema, he ended up dropping 6.36 seconds, making a PNS cut and setting a new team record, previous holder is Nicholas Laquet.

Spencer Snowman, I really like his 500 free, he looked really strong and competitive for part of the race. He almost had an incredible swim but will settle for a good swim.

Savannah Thorpe, she dropped 1 second in the 50 backstroke, swimming it in 42.95 and placed 22nd overall.


Husky Invite Recap

We had a big meet in Federal Way this weekend. There was over 800 swimmers and some really fast swimming. If you want to see an awesome backstroke swimmer, check out our team feed.


Team Records


Emmett M, Jacob H, Nathan M, Jacob E. 200 medley relay 1:39.67, previously set at AGI and already beaten.


Nathan Mathes, 100 breaststroke 59.69, previously held by Allen Rozema set in 1988.


Jacob Hoxie, 200 breaststroke 2:08.75, previously held by Jacob Hoxie and a week before Allen Rozema. He also placed 18thoverall out of 105! You can see a picture of him at finals on the team feed.


Emmett Moore, 100 fly 52.19, previously held by Emmett Moore set in March 2017. Yep we are just getting faster.


Jacob Hoxie, 400 IM 4:17.30, previously held by Jon Magers set in 1985.




Maksym Bondar, 56.66 in his 100 fly, dropping 3 seconds and racing hard. Big time swim by Maksym and very impressive.

James Drew, 56.00 in his 100 fly, dropping almost 4 seconds and super pumped to see that time drop.

Jacob Erickson, he stepped up big time in the 200 medley swim. Beau Omdal was unable to attend and we had to change up the line up. He swam a 22.75 in the relay and helped set a team record.

Lauren McClintock, she swam a lifetime best in the 100 backstrokes, dropping 0.5 seconds and swimming the event in 1:03.75

Spencer Snowman, he did not swim fast, he had one race the 200 free and added some time. Looking at his pacing though he swam a really solid race, he went a 26 on the first 50 and than 30s on his next 3. Next time we just need him to hold a little faster from the begging and I think he has a great race in him.


Fall Divisional

During the same weekend as Husky TAC also attended Divisionals. I was able to keep track of times and it looked like everyone had some really good swims. We had some great swims from our younger kids and some of our older swimmers did really well in finals. I was really pumped to see that.


Swimmer of the meet: Peter Foote.

He swam in 6 events and made finals in 6 events. He dropped time in all 6 events and his highest placement was 2nd in the 50 breaststroke, scoring a total of 71 points for the team. It was a great meet for Peter.


Fast Swim of the Meet(swims that make you do a double take)


Emily Cox, she had a really smooth strong swim in the 100 breaststroke. She dropped 10.26 seconds and swam the event in 1:36.03.

Makayla Patrick, in her 200 backstroke she had a really strong looking swim in the 200 backstroke. She maintained a great body position and place 9th in prelims, she would drop another 3 seconds in finals and placed 7thoverall.


Most Improved, Andres Rivas he also had a really good swim meet, finally in a number of events and dropping time in almost all of them. He had some really big time drops. He dropped around 70 seconds in all. Big swim meet for Andres.


Lighting Strikes(best swims of the meet)


Madelyn Coonan,  in her 100 backstroke she dropped 5.2 seconds and swam the event in 1:25.20.

Josh Digweed, he had a really impressive swim in the 50 free, swimming a 29.75 dropping 1.42 seconds.

Vivienne Drew, she had a very strong swim in the 50 free dropping 5.32 seconds. She swam the event in 48.44

Cassidy Drown, her largest time drop came in the 100 im, again I love time drops in the IM, shows improvement in all strokes.

Margaret Foote, she went from a 53.42 to a 48.96, dropping 4.46 seconds in her 50 freestyle.

Thomas Harris, his freestyle is looking good, dropping time in the 200 free and the 50 free. His largest time drop came in the 200 free where he dropped 4.55 seconds

Josephine Houtby, best swim came in the 50 free dropping 3 seconds and placed second overall.

Jai-Lee James, she swam the 25 breaststroke legally for the first time. At age 8 she is well on the way to swimming a IM, looking forward to that.

Jake Jennings, he dropped time in 4 out of 5 races and seemed to really enjoy the 50 fly. Swimming it in 19.31 and placing 2nd.

Caleb Kidd, first meet and swam great in the 100 free and 50 breaststroke. He swam the breaststroke in 1:01.38

Anna Lisa, she swam all 5 events legally and had a 3 second time drop in her 50 freestyle.

Julia Lisa, her best race came in the 50 breaststroke, dropping 1.35 seconds and swimming it in 1:00.04. So close to getting it under a minute.

Michael Lisa,  he had a big time drop in his 50 free, dropping 6.55 seconds, placing 23rdoverall in that event.

Finn McFarland, we seem to have a lot of fast 50 frees at this meet. Finn dropped 1 second in his 50 and swam it in 34.66, getting a little closer to a sub 30 second 50.

Nathan Smelley, for the first time he swam the 25 breast and the 25 fly without DQing. Really excited to see that accomplishment.

Savannah Sparks, she had a number of good swims, one race that stuck out was the 100 IM, Cal thought she had a lot of fun swimming it the first time around. She also made finals in that event, not as excited to swim it again so soon.

Jack Stickles, he swam the 25 breaststroke legally for the first time, also a super big accomplishment. Nice to see the continued improvement.

Megan Stickles, she had a really nice meet, dropping time in all 4 events. She almost swam the 50 fly under a minute but had to settle for a 5 second time drop. Really looking good in the fly.

Savannah Thorpe,  She has been swimming really motivated and it is showing up in her times. She dropped 5.07 seconds in her 100 breaststroke getting under 2 minutes for the first time.  

James Knox, Cal really liked his 50 fly, he swam the event in 50.74 and placed 15thoverall.

Lorna Knox, Jillian like her 50 backstroke, working on keeping her head back and her toes up near the surface.  


8 Ground Rules to Know about Sports Nutrition

Swimmers want to win. They want to do better than their last performance, and perform at their best every time they compete. It takes a lot of hard work to get to the next level. Endless hours in the pool, working on stroke technique, weight training and conditioning.

Many swimmers know that nutrition is an essential part of their success. In other words, they understand the importance of food to their performance results. But sometimes they learn this information late in their career. What if the ground rules about nutrition were common knowledge? What if swimmers followed these rules from the start?

Food is fuel

Just like an automobile, athletes need fuel in the tank to perform well. And not just any fuel! Premium fuel is the nutritious, wholesome food and beverages swimmers eat to perform at peak level. Fried foods, sweets, and sugary beverages, although tasty, arent the ideal foods in which to anchor the diet if swimmers want to take their performance to the next level.


Carbs count

Carbs, or the carbohydrate found in whole grains, fruit, vegetables and dairy foods are desirable fuel sources for exercising muscles. They require some time to digest, allowing a slow release of energy to the muscles. Refined carbs, such as those found in sweets, sports drinks, and dried fruit, contain sugar and offer the muscles a quick source of energy. Swimmers can use a blend of both types of carbs to support their performance.


Protein matters

Too much protein can contribute to dehydration as well as other potential problems for the young athlete. Eating large amounts of protein at the end of the day, or not eating enough protein at breakfast isnt the most effective way to grow and repair muscles. Ideally, wholesome protein sources like meat, eggs or beans are eaten at spaced intervals throughout the day, such as at breakfast, lunch and dinner. 


Dehydrated muscles dont work well

Drinking plenty of fluids is a constant effort, as thirst isnt always easy to identify for young swimmers. If it is noticed, it doesnt mean they will drink, so gentle reminders are helpful. If dehydration does occur, it may impair athletic performance and contribute to muscle cramping.


Muscle recovery is a key to progress

The harder you train, the more important nutrition is to your recovery and development as an athlete. Eating a snack that contains protein, such as chocolate milk or nut butter and crackers,  and carbohydrate after an extended training session, helps the athlete repair muscle damage, promote muscle gain, and reload muscles with fuel for more training.


You cant out-exercise a bad diet

No matter how hard you work, the habits of overeating, skipping meals, poor food choices, or under-eating work against optimal performance. The body performs best when its given premium fuel (nutritious food).


Eating habits are key to lifelong health

Swimmers may not swim forever, but their eating habits can last a lifetime. Making nutritious and balanced choices now means a better chance at optimal health later in life.


It's all about timing

When swimmers eat is just as important as what and how much they eat. If a swimmer skips out on breakfast and lunch, how will she have the stamina and strength to train hard after school? Or, if a swimmer backloads, eating large amounts of food at the end of the day, an optimal weight for sport may be harder to maintain.

Understanding these ground rules can help swimmers get to the next level in their athleticism, while keeping their growth and health front and center.

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