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Spectacular Swims at Alex Baumann Meet

Congratulations to all MSSAC Swimmers for their great performance at the Baumann Meet!! Our swimmers stood out with multiple podium races and qualifying swims and most importantly improved their personal times. As a Coach it was thrilling to watch majority of our swimmers outrace their opponents given the chance.

Podium Winners

Magda Brozda 2ND 1500FR, Yarlagadda,Jugalkishore 3RD 1500FR,Connor Ironside 1st400 FR, 3RD100FL, Kalman Alison2nd 400FR, Khalil Abdulah 2ND 200BR 3RD 50 FL,Alissa Lawrence 3rd  200BK, Ella McColum 1st 400FR 2ND200FR, Jasmine Nicols 3rd 400FR, Alessia Pereira 1s 50FR2nd 100FR 3rd 50BK 100BK 400Fr, Matteusz Powalowski 3rd100IM 200IM 200BK, Sierra Toderel 1st 100FL 200FL 2ND 50BK 100BK 200IM, 3RD 100FR 200FR 200BR , Mark Miekus 3rd 100FR,200 IM

Festival Qualifiers

Connor Ironside (400FR), Abdulah Khalil(200 BR, 200FL),AlessiaPereira (50 FR), Matteusz Powalowski(100 IM, 200 IM, 200BK) SierraToderel (100FL,200FL) Mark Miekus (50FR, 200BK)

Central Region A Qualifiers

Burczyk Emilia (50FR, 100BK, 100FL,100FR,200FR,200IM,200BK)May Nathan (100BR,200BR)Pereira Nicolas (100BK) Connor Ironside (100 FL,200BK,200BR)Khalil Abdulah (100BR, 100FL, 200FR),Alissa Lawrence (200BK), Ella McCollum (50FR, 200FR, 400FR) Alessia Pereira (100FR, 200FR) Matteusz Powalowski(100BK,200BR) Sierra Toderel (100BK, 200BK, 200FR,200 IM) Zander Olivia (50FR)Mark Miekus (100 BK,100BR,100FR, 200IM)

Central Region B Qualifiers

Burczyk Emilia ( 100BR,400FR) Raj Dhume (50FR,100BK,200BR)MayNathan (200IM 400FR,800FR) Anoushka Bose( 100 Bk, 200 Bk, 200Fr), ConnorIronside (100Br),Alison Kalman 200 BK, Khalil Abdulah (100Fr) Alissa Lawrence (100Bk), Lukasik Abigail (50 Fr), Grace Malcolm(200FR) , Ella McCollum (200FL,200 BK) Jasmine Nicols (100BK,200bk) SkylarOstafin (50FR, 200FR) Alessia Pereira (100BK, 200BK, 400 FR) Sierra Toderel (100Fr ,200 Br), Olivia Zander (100 FR,200FR, 100BR,200BR) Hill Matthew (100BR),Lucas Pineiro (50FR), Farha Suntoke (100BR) George Besko (50 FR,400FR), MarkMiekus (400FR)

Good luck to our swimmers for their future races!!!

Coach Alexandra Petala