WHAT Leaders In AMS

WHAT Leaders In AMS

WHAT Senior group swimmers Cecelia Costello and Emma Lintelman are each contributors to the AMS Athletes Newsletter this month. Click here for the Newsletter. Please take a minute to share this newsletter (attached) with your swimmer(s).

Cecelia and Emma are both members of the AMS Athletes Committee. If you are interested in being involved in the business of Allegheny Mountain Swimming, just let Coach Lersch know. Other WHAT members involved in AMS leadership:

  • Noah Jamison (Senior group) is a member of the Age Group Committee
  • Coach Anna is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee (chaired by Coach Holder's daughter Dana Holder)
  • Michelle Jamison (Noah’s mom) is a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee
  • Michelle Bernard is a member of the Safe Sport Committee
  • Laurie Winslow is a Meet Official (her son Ben is Gold)
  • John Gotaskie is a Meet Official (his daughter Mary is in Silver)
  • Coach Lersch is the Chairperson of the Age Group Committee.

Success in any youth sport depends on the volunteering of the members (most often, the parents). WHAT has a strong tradition of involvement. It’s tough to have a day job and volunteer evenings or weekends, but it’s the model for youth sports. You should also know ... your time and your talent are always appreciated.