Tropical Challenge meet-please read this before signing up your swimmer!


Meet entries for the Tropical Challenge, January 12-14 are due Saturday December 16th.

This is a very quick turnaround! This meet is held in Zeeland and will also have our 2016 Para Olympic Team competing!

This meet is for Jr. , Jr. Elite, Sr. and Sr. Elite and for Developmental swimmers who are 10 & under

All 10&unders will swim in the afternoon with warmups @12:30. This will be a great meet for these kiddos!

The 11& over swimmers will swim in the a.m in “Prelims” and if they place in the top 24 in their event, they will come back and swim the same event at “Finals”, later on, the same day, in the early evening.

These heats in the finals are called:

  • Bonus heat, places 17-24, and 2 alternates
  • Consolation heat , 9-16 and the
  • Championship heat, places 1-8.

 This meet is a REALLY cool experience, to see what trials and finals feels like!

However, we have the expectation that if your swimmer is 11 & up and you make either of the three nighttime Saturday finals that you will represent the team and swim.  Sunday night is different however; as we know, families need to get back home. (Some kids have no school the next day) You will have to talk with Kathy about being removed from events and provide me with a really good reason why you swimmer needs to be scratched.

There is a stipulation attached to not scratching or removing a swimmer from the finals (any of the 3 heats). The swimmer can be prevented from doing their next event and/or can be fined depending on what the meet host chooses.  This is not to dissuade anybody from coming to this meet, but prevents below:

So look at this scenario:

  1. Tommy places 16th in the 50 free and decides not to come back for the finals.(doesn’t tell his coaches , doesn’t scratch within 30 minutes of the morning results being posted and the family leaves)
  2. Now, the 17th place swimmer moves up to 16th and then the 24th spot would be open.
  3.  Let us say, Jimmy was the first alternate (25th place) and did not know that Tommy was going to scratch or “no show” the event, Jimmy then misses his opportunity to swim. 
  4. We want to avoid this scenario at all costs.

thanks for understanding and if you have any questions please ask!!!