ATTENTION! Construction and Walker Pool Parking Lot Information!
Due to the continued construction at the Davis Natatorium and the beginning of other Blossom Athletic Center construction projects, the parking lot in front of the Walker Pool is a labyrinth of fencing.  The attached diagram will be the parking lot entry, drop off and limited parking design for the months ahead.
When the Davis Natatorium project is completed, the back of Davis will become the drop off point for athletes.  We will let you know when that will actually begin.
Please understand that everyone involved in athletics at BAC is effected by the construction.  We must all help each other through this period of time as the end result will be a beautiful 26 x 25 yard lane facility with elevated spectator seating for 800 people.
I’ve suggested to many people to read a copy of “Who moved my Cheese” by Spencer Johnson.  If you have read the book already I think you understand why I am sharing this with our membership.
Please drive slowly as you drop off or pick up your child from any activities held at the Blossom Athletic Center.
David L. Johnson, Director of Aquatics