SIGMA Team Newsletter - 12/12
SIGMA Team Newsletter - 12/12
Hi Sigma Families,

These are your weekly announcements:

John Wooden - A Lifetime of Observations

  • A Parent Talks to a Child Before the First Game
    • This is your first game, my child. I hope you win. I Hope you win for your safe, not mine. Because winning's nice. It's a good feeling. Like the whole world is yours. 
    • But, it passes, this feeling. And what lasts is what you've learned. 
    • And what you learn about is life. That's what sports is all about. Life.
    • Wanting to win is the point. Not giving up is the point. Never being satisfied with what you've done is the point. Never letting up is the point. Never letting anyone down is the point.
    • Play to win. Sure. But lose like a champion. Because it's not winning that counts. What counts is trying.


Coach Bekah's Weekly Nutrition Tip

  • Here's this week's Nutrition Label tip: 
    • WHOLE GRAINS should be chosen for these
      • People who eat whole grains as a part of a healthy diet have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases
      • Any food made from: wheat, rice, oats, cornmeal, barley, or another cereal grain are grain products
        • Bread, pasta, oatmeal, breakfast cereals, tortillas, grits, brown rice should all be WHOLE GRAINS

Coach Perry's Adult Beginner Swim Tips 

  • For our adults in our learn-to-swim program, you can learn even more by watching some swimming videos. Coach Perry will be recommending one or two each week. Below is this week's video:

Training Tips for Top Performance in Practice and Race Day 

Good and Fun Reads


Happy Sigma Birthdays
  • Corey Hunzeker (14), Remington Long (10), Pyper Lund (6), Oluranmiwa Adewale (8), Lydia Dill (10), Mollie Green (10), Anika Mishra (7), Lauren Gaona (12), Tyson Syslo (13), Elizabeth Dickrell (48), Chloe Nicholes (12)
Have a great week everyone!
Andrew and The Sigma Coaches