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BSC Rages With Fast Swims At WEST and ECST

Dynamic Swimming at the Waukesha and Elgin Meets!

BSC had a big weekend of competition this past weekend with teammates attending the Mid-Seaon Challenge in Waukesha, WI and the Elgin IMX meet in Elgin. Barrington did a great job at both meets with the team finishing in 5th place overall at the Waukesha meet. Congratulations to BSC High Point Winners Griffin O'Leary 13-14 Boys and Daryl Kay Senior Boys at the Waukesha Meet


Great Job everyone. We only have two weeks left to train hard before a little holiday break. Let's all commit to being at practice and doing our best!


Best Times Report-Waukesha Arena Mid Season Challenge

All BSC Swimmers:

Best Times: 92/130 = 70.8%

Seniors: Practice Attendance: 71% Best Times: 11/29 = 37.9%

Juniors: Practice Attendance: 86% Best Times: 0/4 = 0%

Mavericks: Practice Attendance: 72% Best Times: 52/63 = 82.5%

Mustangs: Practice Attendance: 55% Best Times: 24/29 = 82.8%

Ponies: Practice Attendance: 59% Best Times: 5/5 = 100%


Best Times Report-ECST Blizzard Blast 2017

All BSC Swimmers:

Best Times: 66/115 = 57.4%

Mustangs: Practice Attendance: 55% Best Times: 30/45 = 66.7%

Ponies: Practice Attendance: 59% Best Times: 30/56 = 53.6%

Colts: Practice Attendance: 58% Best Times: 6/14 = 42.9%


The Following Teammates Swam 100% Best Times

Rhea Banerjee, Connor Bruns, Addisyn Donfris, Mady Gomez, Dylan Guo, Wil Guo, Lauren Holman, Cade Miller, Griffin O'Leary, Lily Reader, Camryn Larsen, Michael Sun,


The Following Teammates Swam a Regional of Championship Time

Rylan Anselm, Rhea Banerjee, Judd Baron, David Basa, Connor Bruns, Addisyn Donfris, Caileigh Edstrom, Joey Edstrom, Maggie Emary, Olivia Gawronski, Mady Gomez, Dylan Guo, Will Guo, Hanna Hissa, Lauren Holman, Daryl Kay, Cade Miller, Griffin O'Leary, Lily Reader, Ben Rocks, Rebecca Rocks, Ian Johnson, Luke Keller, Jenna Kerr, Jake Lee, Karol Nowak, Michael Sun,


The Following Teammates Set New Team Records

Griffin O'Leary 13-14 100Back, 200Back

Addisyn Donfris 13-14 200Fly


Here are some things we did well

  1. Technical Improvement—At Waukesha it was awesome to have coaches from other teams coming up and complimenting our athletes on their underwater work. This is a key technical item we have worked on this fall. Great Job! At Elgin BSC did a great job of doing the things we worked on in practice at a meet!

  2. Stepping Up in Finals—Watching BSC swim finals at the meet was AMAZING! Virtually every swim in the Finals was significantly faster than in the prelims.

  3. Awareness—At Waukesha it was awesome to see BSC Teammates make specific improvements from their prelim swims and learn from their prior races during the weekend. At Elgin to have BSC teammates know what they needed to do and getting themselves behind the blocks was a step in the right direction. Being Aware of what you need to do at meet is a big deal. Partnering what you need to do in practice with what you need to do in a meet is THE DEAL.


Here are some things we need to work on

  1. Details—Starts, Turns, Finishes—At Waukesha BSC did a great job with our turns and finishes in general, BUT we need to work on driving through the starts and turns better. Use every opportunity in practice to focus on these items. At Elgin basic technical skills like streamlines off of starts and turns were an issue. Again this goes back to practicing properly—self check every time you dive in or push off a wall--”Am I stremlining?” “Am I driving my legs?”

  2. Be Ready to Swim Fast: At Waukesha this refers to some really sub par Prelim swimming. BSC was fortunate best times were not needed to make finals, BUT as you get older, faster and more experienced you will find the need to swim best time in prelims is vital to make a final. At Elgin BSC teammates needed to be prepared to RACE and not just swim. Be mentally and physically prepared to do your best every time!

  3. Train to Race Properly—At the Elgin meet it was obvious BSC swimmers need to step up and work harder in practice. As a Team BSC is know for our back half swimming. At this meet BSC teammates were taking the lead and then fading badly—this is an attendance and training issue. Every teammate needs to be at practice and every teammate needs to be swimming fast in practice every day for our TEAM to be successful.