Randy's Ramble 12/15/17




We have completed the first half of the season.  We are having fun, getting better technically, improving and showing tremendous potential.  This team is a lot of fun to coach and has a lot to look forward to-so I thought I would pass along a few things that we are talking about.

December Meets:  We are way ahead of where each swimmer was a year ago with many of the group posted PRs at their meet.  In Raleigh we were really good on Friday, and a little less so the rest of the weekend.  There usually is a lull through a multiday meet, but then there is usually a return to blistering greatness later.  Not sure if we had that overall in Raleigh.  Several factors could be involved- including the youth and experience levels of our team.  Also, by design, we only did one double in our practice schedule per week in the Fall.  We were always great at that nights practice, just like we were in Raleigh.  We will certainly have more doubles going forward and our team certainly became more experienced through the month. So I expect our next multiday meet will be much better.

 Also, overall I thought our Freestyle and IMs were very good.  Breastroke less so.  We are going to have to do more Breastroke on our stroke days-something I had gotten away from over the past year…….

Practice Schedule: The next month of practices have been posted.  Please note that if there is to be snow, I will do my best to reschedule practices (sometimes on short notice) to be able to maintain our number of practices a week and at the same time, keep young drivers off the road.  I will text the captains the changes and they will contact their teammates.

February Meet: By this time last year, the lights kind of went out behind the (Male Seniors) eyes.  Practice attendance and effort suffered.  This is a very different team this year who are all working hard to get better.  Yet, I will wait until after Holiday training to decide which swimmers will be able to travel to Raleigh for the NC Sr Champs, or go to the meet in Wesleyan the same weekend.  We have already gotten input( regarding costs etc) from the group and who is interesting in traveling to NC.  I will wait until the first week of January to finalize the list and obtain plane tickets.

Meet Schedule:  I am interested in adding a one day meet to our schedule to be sure we remain laser sharp in our racing focus.  We would compete Saturday February 3 at the SOCO meet.  It is Trials and Finals.  More info to come out soon.

I hope you all have a very Happy Holiday season!  See you soon.

Coach Randy